Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hive 2 February Tutorial

Hello everyone!  Cheryl here from Hive 2.  Kate and I are playing Queen Bee Switcheroo so I get to take my turn this month. Yay for me!!

I had planned to ask for a particular block, one that I’ve been obsessing over for quite some time. But while pouring over my stash, I just wasn’t feeling it. Maybe next time. J 

How about a Granny Square Block instead? Granny Squares are great scrap busters, and I happen to LOVE scrappy quilts. So win, win!! Both Sew Fresh Quilts and Blue Elephant Stitches have written great tutorials for granny squares if you want to check those out. There are also tons of inspiration for them on Pinterest and Google images too.

For this block, you’ll need four coordinating fabrics, all cut into 2 ½” squares:
         Background fabric - 12 squares
         Outer ring fabric - 8 squares
         Middle ring fabric - 4 squares
         Center fabric - 1 square

For the background squares, please use a white on white fabric if possible. Solid white is ok, too if that’s what you have on hand. 

For the other three fabrics, choose bright, saturated fabrics in solids or small to medium scale prints. Contrast is key.  Feel free to fussy cut a novelty print for the center square if you want. Really, anything goes EXCEPT brown, beige, cream or licensed fabric please.

Lay out your squares like this:

First, stitch the pieces into rows. To help nest the seams, press all the seams in the row in the same direction. Press the next row’s seams in the opposite direction. (example: Rows 2, 4 & 6 to the right / Rows 3 & 5 to the left)

Next, sew rows 2-6 together nesting seams as you go. Press seams away from the middle.

Attach rows 1 and 5 last.  I found it helpful to fold the row 1 & 7 single pieces in half and finger press a crease in the middle.  Then fold the middle pieces of rows 2 & 6 in half to make a center crease as well. 
Line up the crease marks and stitch the last two single pieces on to the block. 
Press seams away from the center row. 

Please do not trim your blocks. I’ll take care of that when I receive all of them.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Happy Quilting!

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