Saturday, October 1, 2016

October 2016 Hive 9

I'm excited that my turn to be queen has come!  A little bit about me...this is my first year participating in Stash Bee and I love it! I really enjoy seeing the different blocks and can't wait to see all the finished quilts. 

I live outside Nashville, TN with my husband, three teen girls, and two Weims.    I learned to quilt many years ago when I was fresh out of college. A friend and I took a class through our local parks and rec. At the time, we hand pieced and hand quilted everything.  I didn't mind all the hand work as I travelled by airplane and could take my piecework with me. I made a few quilts and wall hangings then got busy with life.  Many years passed and I took up quilting again. Now I piece by machine and quilt with my credit card.

I love color and lots of it! For some time I've eyed this Home Sweet Home block on instagram. Courtesy of Victoria @sewgoclimbing:

So I plan to make such a quilt with my stash bee blocks.  However, I plan to make mine out of purples and greens:

  Any shade or value of purple is fine. The greens can range from mint to teal.

Here's an example of colors I'll include:

I tend toward fabrics very saturated in color.  However I think this quilt will best show bolder colors if we include fabrics with lighter backgrounds--gray, white, or light purple or teal. (see picture below.)

It is ok with me if you include prints that have other colors in them, as long as the purples or greens shine.  Batiks are welcomed and encouraged!

Decide whether you'll create a purple or mint/teal block. I'm asking for only one block, but it should have EITHER purples OR mint to teals in it, not both colors.  

Please select 9 fabrics in the purple OR mint--teal family. (If you don't have 9 different prints, it is ok to use the same print more than once. If you do use the same print more than once, please place one square in one of the positions that I will cut when making the diagonal cuts, e.g. positions 1,3,5, 7, or 9.)   

Cut 1 4.5" square from each.

Sew these 4.5" squares together in a 9-patch using 1/4" seams.

Please press seams in rows 1 & 3 to the right. Press seams in row 2 to the left. This will allow you to nest them nicely when joining rows. Press horizontal seams open.

Your block should finish at 12.5" square.  Please do not trim it down if it is larger. Also please do not square it up.  I'll take care of any trimming necessary!
Please also leave your 9-patch intact. I will do the diagonal cutting also.

Do NOT cut like this!

Please contact me if needed. I can't wait to see the range of colors and prints used!

Thank you.

Hive 9

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Allison/Savage Pink said...

This quilt is going to be so lovely! Great color choices. I am also loving your stash, I must say! :)