Thursday, October 20, 2016

Forest Blocks for Susan

I had a great time making these simple blocks and making up a story of a walk in the woods. I live in the mountains very close to the woods, and chose colors that describe the trees and fungi I see. Pine, Fir, Tamarack that are a deciduous larch with needles, Blue Spruce, and Ponderosas. Growing on the fallen trees are fungi in bright orange colors: Chanterelles, witches' butter, wood ears, white lions' mane, and the delicious scented anise shelf mushrooms. Hanging from trees are fun lichens in colors from grey to sage to chartreuse. Overhead the sky is blue with grey clouds.

From Idaho to Washington with love
The super fun part of my story is that I am traveling to Seattle in 2 weeks for a FART (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip.) I am taking a 2 day workshop from freddy-moran, one of my long time bucket list dreams. And... I am going to meet Susan!!! Can't wait!! Photos to follow on my blog.

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