Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hive 6: October migrating geese!

Hello all! Although I have mailed packages to a lot of you, I thought I’d introduce myself. I am Cheryl, from the San Francisco Bay area in California and I am your Hive 6 coordinator for October. Like many others, I found it difficult to choose a block. Commitment issues, I suppose.

However, your task for the October version of Hive 6’s Stash Bee is…

A strip of 9 flying geese! Think of it as fall migration (although we are still having hot and dry weather here in California- for Forever, it seems.)

Image result for geese migration USFWS

If you use the “make four at a time no-waste method” like the tutorial link below, this goes really fast. Two four-at-a-time and then one extra, because I am asking for one of a different color...thus 9 geese instead of 8.

Example of what I am thinking of putting together (sort of): (permission kindly granted for the use of this photo: lily quilt wall)

There are a few other examples on this pinterest board I created, also. In case anyone else wants to obsess over flying geese quilts.

How do you make these, you ask? If you have a favorite method, feel free to use it!
However, here is a good flying geese tutorial:

As in the tutorial, we are making a 4.5" finished flying geese unit. You can trim these up, or not. They are supposed to be 4.5x 2.25”. I am good with either.

White (or white-ish) background and black (or black-ish) geese with one bright goose (bright, and saturated )
Solids, or whatever reads as a solid
Tone on tone

You can use all the same whites and blacks or dig into your scrap bins for a mix. Whatever works for you. Your one errant, bright colored goose can go anywhere in the line up.

For example:
(Please forgive my rudimentary photography skills. It is really laziness, I admit.)

And then you end up with this:

Or maybe this:

Mine above are not sewn together yet (note the commitment issues mentioned above), but you get the idea.

Thanks everyone for making this a fun year. I have not made a dent in my stash at all, but I have made a few things I would not have made otherwise!

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