Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hive 1 October block

Hi everyone! I am pretty excited about being queen this month! This is too much fun! It took me forever to decide on a block,  but I think what will work best for me is to share the same block I had my other bee use so that I can have almost enough blocks for a full quilt.

I chose the Spinwheel block. You can find the tutorial for it here:

I did however make different color layout choices so you will need to pay attention here before the tutorial there. I was thrilled with how easy and accurately this block came together, so I hope you will enjoy it as well. My color inspiration is going for a sort of New England/nautical feel with Aqua, Red, and Navy with the addition of white, black, and gray.

My advice as far as the tutorial goes is to press your seams toward the outside of the goose when making the geese blocks. It makes the finished geese lie so much flatter. So I pressed all the seams to the side on the geese but when attaching the geese to each other and then the quadrants I pressed the seams open. Also making sure you starch before sewing is very helpful.

I also found that when you are sewing your 3.5 in squares to the goose base it is easier to start sewing near the tip of the goose where the extra fabric will hold the square in place and you won't get jumbled up under your needle.

The difference I chose in colors was using less white than they called for. Here is how I labeled my colors:

Print A = navy
Print B = red
Print C = white
Print D = black

For what they labeled as the background I used:

3.5 in sq = gray
3.5 x 6.5 in = Aqua

You are just making 8 flying geese units and then putting two together, then putting those quadrants together. The only important thing to me is PLEASE make sure your colors are the same as my example picture as to where they should be or it will throw off the end look of the quilt.

As for colors, I do not want any pastels or muted colors, I really want a true red, a true navy etc. The gray can be any mid tone and all fabrics can be prints, solids, a mixture, etc. As long as they read as the intended colors.


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Sherry VF said...

I like the way the quilt looks like the pinwheels are set on point but it's built into the block!