Monday, October 31, 2016

Hive 4 block just in the nick of time!

This month's block set us the challenge of choosing a focal point of something that makes us happy and frame it with low volume strips.

This was such a good idea, it got me rummaging through my most happy fabrics!  I chose a bicycle as it always makes me think of sunny days cycling to Curragh Chase, a national forest park about 11 miles from our house. All the kids on the street I grew up on would go with whatever parent we could convince to pedal with us and be gone for the day, coming home in time for tea! 

So thats my version of a happy block, popping in the post tomorrow! Happy Halloween everybody!


Kim V said...

Love your happy comment. Likens to the day of Robert Frost poetry with children and swings. As an older adult, I still love both! Thank you for the beautiful block.

Sherry VF said...

Very cute block. Love your low volumes!