Friday, September 23, 2016

Hive 8 block, September

Paper piecing, I was hoping to not have to do it for this bee.  Luckily I learned how to paper piece just last month, so better now than before August, but still, I put off making my block for a while hoping Jennifer would suddenly change her mind and ask us all to do a nine patch or something.  Yeah, no dice.   As a super newbie I cut my pieces HUMONGOUS because I had some problems with not hitting the seam allowance.  I uh, used a half yard of my background fabric in the end.  I also had to completely redo one quadrant because I noticed (too late) that I had used my seam ripper so much on one line that I created a hole in one of my geese. Oops.  But, I got some much needed practice and it is a really cool block, much cooler than a nine patch.  I will probably mail it this weekend.  
My geese flow from light aqua to navy blue.  The background is light great, although it looks brown in the photo.  I hope you like them, Jennifer!