Saturday, April 30, 2016


Did you hear that awful noise? That would be me, Linda in Hive 3, squeaking in under the wire for the month of April. And don't blame our Hive Mama - she gently reminded us. I just knew I had the blocks finished so I put the message out of mind. The parts about mailing and posting? Not so much. Post Office is closed so mine will be in the mail on Monday.

Hive Three's Queen, Shauna chose a really striking color combination for her block. Hope these purples work for her nephew's quilt (he's a lucky guy!).
As I said, my blocks were done early and I crashed a couple hives. Really, who could resist the gnomes and trees for Jennifer in Hive 9 ? My printer would only print giant patterns for the gnomes so I made trees instead.
My stash is badly depleted but I did have some red to make a Cross block for Hive 6's Helen. I suspect it'll take a while to get to her in Ireland. I did, however, take her advice and added more Bee members to my Instagram feed.
The pinwheel that Andrea in Hive 7 chose looks difficult but really isn't. Especially if you pay attention - so I MIGHT have had to take out one seam. Can't wait to see how all her color choices come together!
Another quilt I can't wait to see finished is  Tori's from Hive 1. I love the way the stars pop on the bright color palette she chose.
So. Lesson learned. I will not only start sewing early for the next round, I'll get them online and in the mail early as well! Linda, Hive 3


Diana @ Red Delicious Life said...

Oh my goodness, look at all those blocks! They all look wonderful Linda!

Shauna said...

I love those blocks and the ones for me are awesome!!!!