Friday, April 1, 2016

Hive 9 April 2016 Block tutorial

Happy Holidays!

this month you will be making blocks for a holiday quilt.
I'm looking for a variety of green trees and gnomes in pink or red, color palette is below and please keep backgrounds to low volume neutrals.
Sonja graciously offered to let us use her paper piecing gnomeling pattern available here.  It finishes 8x4.  Feel free to re-size the gnome to be any size, bigger or smaller.  I'm looking for an improv style quilt.  For a tutorial with pictures, look here.

Or if you prefer, you can make an improv tree.  it can finish anywhere from 4x4 to 8x8 and it doesn't have to be a square, it can be any size and shape. 
Here is how I made the tree:

Here is the Gnome in progress:
Color Palette:


Thank you so much!


mumziepooh said...

Super fun - we made some blocks like this last year and the finished quilt was ADORABLE!

mumziepooh said...

OH - background? Solid white? Tone on tone? Low volume? Where does the buttercup fall into the design?

Unknown said...

Great blocks! Can't wait to see the finished quilt. I crashed your Hive and made you a couple trees. Could you email me your address so I can send them to you? Linda, Hive 3 llsmail@