Monday, April 11, 2016

Hive crashing -- 2, 7,9

I'm up to my antics again with the hive crashing -- 

I'm crashing in on hive 2, but somehow forgot to take a picture. it looks very similar to the one here except my star is red purple with the lime background. 

I crashed in on hive 7 as well with these awesome pinwheels

My last crash this month was to make some little trees for hive 9, I thought about making the gnomes too but didn't get around to it -- I am sending some pink and red scraps instead for Jennifer to add.

These were awesome and I look forward to seeing the blocks again next month. 


Cyndi said...

I love those pin wheels I am sure Andre will also. I love Alison Glass fabric, love the blue one you used. Also what Hive are you from? Thanks

Puppilalla said...

Wonderful blocks, you were very busy indeed. =)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the pinwheels!!