Thursday, February 1, 2024

Hive 5 - February Tutorial - Scrappy Star Block

I've been a Stash Bee participant for many years.  I'm not even sure how many!  And here I am again, another year, another block!  I've made this block many times before and I find it quick, easy, and perfect for scraps.  I know we did star blocks in January, but in my opinion, stars are always a great way to go.  It's the Clover and Violet's Scrappy Christmas Star Block.  Now, I believe in using what you already have so I'll show you mine - fabric pulls and a tutorial.  Oh, and you won't need holiday fabric!

Here's my idea:  The star should be a solid fabric.  For this project, I'd prefer bright colors.  Leave out the pastels, browns, and grays.  The blue star in this block didn't turn out as bright as I'd hope, so look to the end for more blocks.

Any bright solid fabric will do. This is a small sample of my solids.

Here's a sampling of low volume fabrics for the 4 corners.  I'd like each corner to be different.  

I don't have a picture for the stripes.  I rummaged through my scrappy strips and found 8 different prints.  If you check my photos, you'll see that I used the same color family as the star, only in prints.  
Please do the same.

Now the cutting:

Solid Fabric
 (1) 3.5" square
(8) 2" squares

Print Fabric
(8) 2" X 5"

Low Volume Fabric
(4) 5" Squares

Mark the 2" squares on the diagonal.  

Place on the 2" x 5" strips.  Notice that the diagonal is right to left on 4 strips and left to right on the other 4 strips.

Sewing tip: Sew from the wide of the fabric.  
I place my pins pointing in the direction I start sewing.

Trim 1/4" from the sewing line.

Place 2 strips together and sew (I forgot to take a picture of this step).
A quick word about pressing - I press open.  If you don't want to, then don't.  I'll still love your block.  

Follow layout for assembly.

Sew center with 2 strip sets.
Sew corner squares with strip sets.
Sew sides to center, press & square to 12 1/2"

More Scrappy Star blocks made by me:

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