Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Hive 5 May Tutorial -Wonky Star Block

  Happy June!

This is a block that I've been wanting to make for a while.  I think it'll be an amazing quilt!

There are many tutorials out there, but the tutorial that I chose to use is from Scissortail Quilting. (This link will take you directly to the pdf tutorial.)

Background Colors: I would like deep blues.  Think royal blue to dark blue, with minimal secondary colors. I would prefer no novelty fabrics.

Star colors: Bright yellows/golds, with minimal secondary colors.  I would prefer no novelty fabrics.

Directions:  I envision my final quilt having different size star blocks.  For the Stash Bee, we'll use the 12" finished block dimensions (If you'd prefer to make a larger one for me, feel free!).

You'll need: 

    6- 4.5" blue squares

    1- 4.5" yellow square

    scraps of yellow for the star points

First, we'll make the star points.  Sew one of the yellow scraps at an angle from the center of one side, to an adjacent side, right sides together.  Trim the excess blue background fabric (on the right side), then press the yellow star point open.

Next,  trim the excess yellow fabric, then trim to make the unit a 4.5" square again.

Take a yellow scrap and place it on the other side of the unit to make the other point for that unit.  Trim the blue background, press open the yellow star point, then trim the unit again to make it 4.5".

Repeat with 3 other blue background squares to make a total of 4 star point blocks.

Arrange the 4 star points,  4 remaining blue squares and the 1 yellow center square to form a star and then sew together!  The block should end up 12.5", but mine ended up being 12.25", so don't worry if yours if off it bit! No big deal!  I'll make it work!

Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks everyone and happy sewing!



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