Saturday, February 1, 2020

Hive 4: February Tutorial - Double Disappearing 9-patch

Hi Stash Bee!

My name is Em and I have participated in Stash Bee all except one year, I think. Five times? Anyway, I always enjoy this bee and I LOVE that there is now an Instagram hive because that's my main mode of social media interaction. You can find me @moonlightsewing. 

Since I'm part of the IG hive, I prepped this tutorial so that I could make it available on Instagram as well. 

This is the classic "double disappearing nine patch" block and I made it so that the starting pieces are 5-inch charm squares.


(5) 5 inch squares in blue/turquoise/navy
(4) 5 inch squares in yellow/lime/green
(1) 7 inch square in yellow/lime/green
(4) 7 inch squares in low volume, low contrast prints


Step 1: Create a nine-patch block with the 5-inch squares. The blue/turquoise/navy squares will be the center and four corners. The yellow/lime/green squares will be the middle edges. 

Step 2: Cut the 9-patch in both directions down the center (7 inches from each side) to make four quarters. 

STASH BEE STOP HERE. Go ahead and send me the 4 quarters and I will finish the blocks when I receive them. This is a 19-inch block when finished (19.5 inches, unfinished) and thus is larger than the 16-inch maximum block size for this bee.

I will continue the tutorial for anyone who comes across this post and wishes to make a double disappearing nine patch using charm squares.

Step 3: Slide the 7-inch quarters out to become the corners of a second nine patch. Place your 7-inch yellow/lime/green square in the center and the (4) 7-inch low volume squares in the middle edge positions.

Step 4: Sew the nine patch together, then cut in both directions down the center (10 inches from each side) to make four quarters. 

Step 5: Rearrange the four quarters so that the center is at the outside corner for 2 diagonal quarters. Sew the block back together. 


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