Saturday, February 1, 2020

Hive 3: February Block - Scandinavian Stroll

Hello Hive Three!

Megan here! This is my second year in stash bee. Last year I asked my hive to make Viking long ship blocks to use as a couch quilt in the new house my husband and I are building. (We joke that our decor is Viking Modern because it combines Danish Modern furniture with heritage pieces from the 19th century and antique snow gear that my husband collects.) This year I am asking for blocks that will coordinate with the long ships as either a wall hanging or even cushions.

We took a trip to Scandinavia several years ago, and fell in love with the waterfronts of Bergen in Norway and Nyhavn, Copenhagen in Denmark. I have designed a block based on those buildings, and am calling it Scandinavian Stroll.

The block finishes at 6” x 12”, but I’m going to ask that you send it to me without sewing the houses together so I can shuffle them up for better balance in the finished hanging/cushions. I am hoping that this is a nice quick and easy block for everyone since February is such a short month!

For the houses I am hoping for tone on tone or low volume fabrics that read as primarily a single color. I am looking for mostly warm tones: gold, yellow, orange, rust, red, tan, maroon. But if you want to throw in a turquoise, green, blue, or even purple as one of the four houses that would be great. (Just please limit yourself to one zing house with the rest being the warm tones.) For inspiration here are photos of the two waterfronts, as well as my initial fabric pull from my stash. The background/sky fabrics can be any
solid/tone on tone/low volume cream or white.


4- 3½” x 6½” rectangles (1 each of four colors)
8- 2” squares low volume or solid white/cream (all the same or 2 each of four)


1. Draw a diagonal line across the back of the 2” squares.

2.Place one square on the upper left corner of each colored rectangle and sew on the drawn line.

3. Trim ¼" from sewn line.

4. Press seam open.

5. Repeat steps on opposite corner.

And now you are done! Send me the four houses and I will shuffle them all up and decide on what my final product will be!

Thank you!

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