Thursday, May 31, 2018

May 2018 Circle of Friends Block for Liz

With my mother’s unexpected passing earlier this month, it was hard for me to sew, but I get such comfort from it, that I thought I’d better start again sooner rather than later.  Liz, this was a nice block for me because weddings represent new beginnings, and that’s what life is...repeated beginnings and endings.  My prayer for your niece and her partner is as much love, adventure and happiness as I witnessed in my parents’ marriage.  Hope I’m not too late—they are being mailed tomorrow.


Susan said...

Sorry to hear of your moms passing. It's hard to let your mother go even when you have years to prepare. But I'm glad you found comfort in quilting. It's a blessing to create art of all forms. Susan Hive 7

Liz Horgan said...

I'm so sorry about your mom's passing, I understand how difficult it is. I know that although we miss them so much, they can do so much more to help us from where they are now-so don't stop asking! Your block(s) bring so much more meaning with them since they helped to bring you comfort! Thank you for being a part of the quilt--and please don't fret over them being late--I'm trying to decide how I'll put the quilt together-sashing, no sashing, cornerstones? I'm going to bring it to my guilds "quilt as you like" in August to get more opinions.
Have a good weekend.