Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Hive 7 May Tutorial

Hi everyone!  This month I'm asking Hive 7 to make the Wanta Fanta block from Blossom Heart Quilts' The Bee Hive patterns, designed by Janice from Better off Thread.  I had chosen this for a bee I was in last year, and I love the blocks I received so much that I'd like more so I can make a bigger quilt!  I'm aiming for 25 blocks in total, and I have 12 so far.  I considered making the rest myself, but I'm hoping everyone else's fabric stashes can help me achieve a scrappier black and white look!

I've chosen blacks and very dark grays for the “background”, and whites and off-whites for fabrics A, B, C, and D.   I’d ask that your choices mostly read black and white, and that other colors are kept to a minimum if possible.  Please also avoid lighter grays and anything that reads more cream or gray than white.  

This block involves a little bit of paper piecing but it goes pretty quickly (and the instructions in the link above are great!).  You'll need two copies of the template page; when printing, make sure the test square measures 1".  It may require some adjustments to your printer settings to get it right, but if the printing size is off the block will finish at the wrong size.  

I can’t wait to see what you make!  Feel free to email me or message me on Instagram if you have any questions.  The photo below shows a selection of my other blocks together for more fabric selection inspiration.

-Alicia (@qvilt)

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