Tuesday, March 1, 2016


This month I have decided to do a scrappy cross block, I have been wanting to do one ever since one of my hive mates from last year had us do some for her.

You will need: (4) 5" charm squares of low volume fabric for the corners (45) 2" squares for the (5) mini scrappy nine patches in bright colors. (Please no black, browns or grey for the nine patch)

*use 1/4" seams throughout and press seams open

You will take (9) 2 in squares and make (5) nine patches, in the picture below it shows some of the fabrics I used to make this block

I sew the 2 inch blocks in rows of 3, press the seams open and then join those together to make a nine patch. You will make (5) nine patch blocks Please press all seams open.

Please trim your blocks to 5" once you finish and press them. It will help with getting the seams lined up

when all is join together it will make a 14 inch unfinished block

Have fun, and thanks for making these for me

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