Thursday, March 31, 2016

Modern Pinwheel Tutorial Hive 7-April

Hello everyone!

I am really enjoying my 2nd year in the Stash Bee and I hope you all are too. This month we are taking inspiration from the Quilty magazine Issue 5 from May/June 2013. I love this magazine but it's hard to find. For some reason the Deals near my house sometimes carries it and I think that's where I found this issue.

I was skimming through recently and saw that I had dog-eared this pattern. Anyone remember Jay McCarroll from Project Runway? Well, he quilts! And he designed this one! 

I made a few changes to the original pattern to make the block bigger (11" finished instead of 8 1/2").

The color scheme I have chosen is a sea of blues, teal, and aqua. Here's my fabric pull:

white or neutral background fabric
1 fat quarter of colored fabric

4- 5" background squares
4- 3 1/2" x 9" strips of either blue, teal, aqua...

1. Lay out 4 background and 4 strips as shown below.

2. Sew one background square and one strip together. Then piece the remaining 3 the same way.

3. Sew the top 2 pieces together and then the bottom 2.

4. Finally, join the final 2 pieces together and press. I put a pin in the center to keep the seams matched up. Try to press all your seams to the dark side please!

5. Press your block. Then, carefully trim your block to 11".

And you're done! Hope you find this block nice and easy!


Michelle said...

Great block
I am having real problems squaring it off, I think once I did it wrong the first time, my brain keeps going back to doing it that way - Silly i know!
Could you help - a trick a tip or veen direct me to a tutorial so my brain can GET IT !

frstborn said...

I am having the same problem....trimming it to 11" would work, but 11 1/2" leaves me with a gap.....

Unknown said...

Hmm, I'm not sure to be honest. I resized the block to make it bigger than the tutorial so maybe my measurements are incorrect. So sorry! If you want, leave it untrimmed. I'll use every block I promise you that!

Unknown said...

Actually, I just re-read my tutorial and it does call for 11 inches finished. So you should be good!

Unknown said...

Hi! Crashed your Hive and need an address to mail. Could you send it to me at llsmail@ Thanks so much! (And my kids said to tell you "Go Gators" I'm a Seminole, it's a tough life!)
Thanks, Linda, Hive 3