Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January blocks

Here are my January blocks.  Hope you like them ladies!

spools for Hive #2
improv log cabins for Hive #3
And here is an updated list of the ladies that have sent me blocks from December for Hive #2:
Anneliese has posted
Out of 21 ladies, including myself, that is only 1/2 that participated.  Is anyone else willing to still make my December blocks?  I would love to have a few more to make a decent sized top.  Thank you very much for the blocks I have received.  I love them!


Stephanie Granite said...

Jackie- Our hive currently only has 18 members (we're working to fill the gap, but people keep dropping), so you should only expect blocks from 17 ladies. Rebeckah and I will be sending our blocks shortly, and with them you'll receive some angel blocks. SO you're only really missing blocks from 3 people. I'll try and see what's going on with them and let you know.

NW Patchwork said...

Thanks Stephanie! I was going off of the address list. It sounds like I will have plenty then. Yay! I can't wait to put it all together. Thanks for letting me know. I look forward to getting them all :)

Rebeckah Austin said...

They are going in the mail tomorrow! Sorry they were so late.

Julie said...

Thanks for the Hive 3 blocks, Jackie!

Nataki said...

I am about to restart janunary blocks, so since I am cutting new fabric, I will try to get you more blocks for dec... I know I took a while to sent them... now that i got my sewing room together I can make more blocks for you.