Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hive #2 January

Hi everyone, my name is Rebeckah. My husband and I just moved to Riverside, CA from Anaheim, CA.

The hardest quilt  related thing I have done was my Wicked blocks. I would do it again, maybe LOL.
My fave Dessert food is ice cream, chocolate to be exact, but I like things in it, so Rocky Road is a great choice. Oh and Mint'n'Chip is my all time fave. 
I can not remember the last time I laughed so hard, though I know it was recently and with my family.
My day job is staying at home and being awesome! Haha JK, I sew at home. I just started my Etsy shop and have had 4 orders so far.
I learned to sew a long time ago. My mom taught me essentially and I took a few classes through out the years. I remember sewing yellow napkins onto my Barbie doll as dresses.
Life philosophy? I don't really have one....

Are you ready!
Ok everyone here is the tutorial for this month. It is my version of a borrow and lend. I just got the message today that it is my month bee the queen so I have not had time to actually sew the block, so you have a tutorial to follow.

All squares cut are 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
1. Cut 24 squares of a brown/ neutral fabric.
2. Cut 24 white aquares (Kona).
3. Cut 4 squares of a tone on tone color, any color, I would prefer bright colors.
4. Make 16 HST with the brown and white squares.
5. Sew a HSQ on either side of a brown square. Make 8.

6. Sew a white suqare to either side of the color block. Make 4.
7. Sew together two of the step 5 pieces to the step 6 piece. Make 4
block 1
Do NOT sew all four together I would like to have the blocks separate so as to come up with a design for the quilt top.
Thanks and good luck!


Stephanie Granite said...

so we should have 4- 6 1/2" squares to send to you?

cheeky monkey said...
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cheeky monkey said...

The block looks great! I love geometric blocks.

Just asking: the brown/neutral can be mixed or do you want one fabric/similar fabrics for each block? any bright color I have for the center?

Rebeckah Austin said...

I do not know if it comes out to 6.5" for sure, but in short, Yes 4 mini blocks.

Also Lynn hit this right on the head with what I would like:

Rebeckah Austin said...

Her post would answer your question Cheeky Monkey :)

LYNN said...

The blocks came out to 6.5"