Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hive #4 - November Block

October block...done.  It's halfway through January and I can also now check November's block off my to do list at long last!

Sorry for the crappy lighting, but my kitchen light is stained glass through creamy yellow glass.  The block on the left is, unfortunately, probably only suitable for a pillow or mini-quilt or trivet or whatever.  My machine was giving me fits and the sizing of the blocks got all thrown off by the time it was time to trim down to 10".

The block on the right is much closer to what I was supposed to be producing, I believe.  I did not trim down the final block for fear that I would screw it up, especially if I was really close to what the final size should be.  Once again, if it isn't usable for the quilt, I hope that you can find a good use for it in another project, or maybe in the backing.

I have to say, I enjoyed this block's construction process from picking the fabrics (nice color combo) to sewing the strips together.  Truly, the most challenging aspect was sewing a freaking straight 1/4" line piecing the strips together and then when creating the HSTs and it's something I continually find myself having to work on, regardless of pattern.

These will be in the mail this weekend with a small gift of apology for my tardiness.

To December's block! Onward!

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Carol said...

Thank you for posting. They look great.