Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hive #2 January

I hope you like them and this is what you wanted. I did not trim them so if you want me to let me know

I did not think about it from the beginning so it was to late for me but I like the method cutting 3.5'' squares and sewing 1/4''on both sides of the diagonal line (cut on the diagonal line, press and trim to 2.5'') to get the HST more. You have much less waste sewing this method.

I will post them the next days! Have fun :)


Rebeckah Austin said...

Perfect! That is a better way of doing it, with the time crunch, my brain was not working lol.

Stephanie Granite said...

Yes, thank you Anneliese for figuring out the dimensions to cut if you want to do the HSTs this way! So much easier to not have to do the math myself, plus since I'll be trimming the blocks it guarantees that they'll end up the correct size