Saturday, June 1, 2024

Hive 7- June Tutorial- Improv Aspen

 Hello group,

This month I'm asking for trees to go through a woodland quilt, specifically Aspen so I hope you still have some black and white. 

 This is my inspiration photo but I'm going for more of a fall theme so I'll be laying the trunks out over some fabrics from the Through the Woods line rather than a green background. 

 I'm asking that you send Aspen branches/trunks anywhere from 10-15" long and 2-5" wide. (I have a layer cake of the background so they'll be spanning 10" blocks)

Fabrics needed:

Selection of whites (solids, blenders, white on white, white with gray, white with black)

Selection of blacks/black and whites. 

Please stay away from things with writing or novelty characters if possible. Here's an example of some stuff I pulled. These trees are essentially crumb quilts so little scraps work great!

If your black and white have little pops of color in them that's fine but please try to keep it to the autumn forest theme (aka no hot pink). I'll be using this autumn leaf fabric on the back as another reference for the fall tones. 

How To:

There's a great tutorial on improv trees here from 3rd Story Workshop

My technique was pretty straightforward. I cut smaller rectangles/triangles of black and sewed them to white pieces. Then joined those together into strips. Sometimes the darker segments go all the way across the "tree" sometime's I added sections of white on one or both sides. I kept it really free-form, essentially just doing crumb quilting until my strips were 10-15" long. You can see I kept them heavier on white to mimic the Aspen trunks. 

Here is a mini layout with a few chunkier trunks laid out against the background fabrics. 

Some more inspiration pics of different quilted tree trunks. 

And some inspiration pictures of pretty trees

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