Saturday, June 1, 2024

Hive 3: June Tutorial - Twirling at the Disco - For Amy


June is here! I love June, it’s my birthday month, when I was a kid it meant summer vacation was finally here, and the long days are just good for the soul!

I have had this block on my Pinterest board for years and when I saw someone in another hive used it for their block this year, I decided to give it a shot, finally.

Here are links to the Hive 2 tutorial with excellent instructions:

Here’s a link to the original pattern:

This is a super easy block to assemble. There are a lot of pieces, but it goes together quickly and is a great use of those small scraps you’ve got laying around.

I used this advanced chain piecing also known as web piecing (and probably other things as well) for the 16 patches. Assemble them however you prefer, but I thought I would share for anyone who is interested and hasn’t tried this method.

You will need the following fabric:

Forty (40) 2-1/2” squares in a nice mix of colorful prints. Just about anything goes but I would like to avoid browns, blacks, greys, and anything that reads mostly white. Batiks are cool. Licensed fabric are fine. Holiday is acceptable (preferably not majority holiday).

Two (2) 4-1/2” squares from low volume fabric with white background or white or white on white.

Two (2) 4-1/2 “ by 8-1/2” rectangles  from low volume fabric with white background or white or white on white.

Here’s my pull of prints:

I played and moved things around and tried out a bunch of layouts and even did a few (unnecessary, but really fun) fussy cuts to show of some of my favorite scraps.

I sewed each of the 4 patches to a white square

And then assembled the block in two rows and the two rows into a block:

I hope you have as much fun putting this together as I did! Enjoy!

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