Friday, May 31, 2024

Hive 4 - June Tutorial- Modern Log Cabin Block

 Everything old is new again! Yay!

Here is a perfect example... Log cabin quilt blocks.  There is practically nothing more traditional than this block.  It has really been around since forever.   And today when I was thinking about what kind of block I wanted my Hive 4 bee mates to make for me in June, I thought this would be spot on.

So, naturally I went looking online for something that would suit my modern-ish tastes and conform to our Stash Bee Rules.  Lucky me, I found Gracey Larson at Burlap and Blossom who offers a free pattern.

Here it is!

I love love love it.  It is sew very straightforward.  There are absolutely no angles, no surprises, and no tricky paper piecing. It. Is. Just. Cut. And. Sew!

You are welcome.

My wish list for June  

1. 12.5” unfinished block 

2.  White background.  I would prefer solid white if you have it in your stash…but, if not then white on white or very low volume is fine with me.  

2.  Please use bright modern fabrics for the logs.  Use either solids or prints that read as solids.  See my test block at the top of this post and the example in the tutorial for examples made with prints and a solid white background. 

3.  You can use the same colour more than once if you like, or make every log different. 

That’s it… easy peasy, lemon squeezy. If you have problems downloadin or finding the link please shoot me a message at or on IG @freckledfoxquiltery. 


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