Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Hive 7 - May Tutorial - Your Choice Black & White Block for Beth


It's a May Block for Beth!

This is my second time participating in the Stash Bee exchange.  I loved last year and am currently loving everything so far.  For this month, I am working on a table runner for my mother's dining room table.  It is a beautiful raw edge wood table so we don't want to cover too much of it but it needs something during meals.  I am going to put something like Insul-Bright as the batting so that she can use it to protect the table from hot things.  I might also make placemats, but I am not sure on that.

So, for this project, I really want a mixture of blocks.  I am less concerned with the exact pattern of the block and more concerned with the colors.  I am looking for a block of medium complexity that is either a traditional or modern block but one that could stand alone and in black and white only.  The white should be a true white and the black can go from black to medium gray but not blue gray.  I want this to be stark though patterns are fine.  And any additional colors should be avoided though I am fine with metallic gold accents. 

Here are some examples:


Solids would also blend in really nicely with some blocks.  

I really like the patterns by 627handworks.  (They were examples from last month and I loved them - thank you Bonnie!)  You can find them here:

These are just paper piecing patterns without the instructions.  So, if you are comfortable with these, any of them would be nice.  I can share the patterns if anyone doesn't already have them.  The listing explicitly allows sharing with a sewing bee.  

But you aren't required to choose one of these blocks.  I am excited to see what blocks everyone really likes to put together.  

I am hoping they will be about 12 x 12 but I can put sashing on blocks to get everything the same size if needed.

My main goal is receiving blocks that I wouldn't think to put together or with fabrics that I don't have.  Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks and happy quilting!

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