Saturday, October 1, 2022

Finished Quilt, Hive 1, 2021, May Block


Hello Bees!

This is my second StashBee finish this year (2020's at Easter, this 2021's one in August), and I’m intending to finish this year’s as well (the top is done).

As I mentioned in my StashBee tutorial, the T-Junction block design came about, while thinking what choices I can make to improve my personal life amidst the Covid 19 restrictions (‘all those choices and decisions sewn into a quilt’ – “T-Junction Block”). 

What I didn’t mention in that post, is that I am in psychotherapy since 2019, because I suffer from depression (since I was 11). This kind of therapy is very slow, but (finally, after trying so many other methods) effective. I came to the conclusion, that I have to change my approach to keeping the depression at bay. Until then (2019), I had always pulled myself out of ‘the dark hole’ by telling myself, that ‘I get through the next day’. However, this doesn’t prevent me from falling back into it again! Now I use the approach (working on it!) to ‘choose life’ instead. 

Hence, this was the perfect accompaniment for the T-Junction block. And the quilt is overall colourful and vibrant, as my life should be.

Hoping with this statement to help others out there, who use quilting as their therapy too😉

Without the help of my hive mates, I would have never attempted this design (just thinking of piecing 155 5” blocks would have put me off!). Thanks to my very generous hive mates (one even sent me 20 instead of the asked 6! You were just amazing ladies!!), I had already about 2/3 of the needed T-blocks before starting to put the top together.

Everyone involved in producing this quilt, is mentioned in the Label, which was so extensive, that I decided to put it across the entire back 😊.

Thank you all again for helping me making this one happen.

Happy quilting,



Marie said...

Love love it!!!

Starla said...

What a beautiful quilt, and a beautiful story to match. Your positive attitude is very inspiring.