Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November Block for Hive 3

     I almost didn't sign up for Stash Bee this year.  I really enjoyed it last year but I knew my time would be tight.  I work almost full time and this year I am chairing the outreach committee for my local quilt guild, which is a huge undertaking so I knew I would be busy.  What I didn't realize was how busy I would be.  Between my daughter in law having immune issues and my 88 year old aunt entering crisis years . I've been stretched to the limit.  So I apologize to anyone who got their block late from me....although I know you are all understanding women.

     Today I will be travelling into Toronto to visit my aunt in the hospital but as my bus doesn't leave until 12:20 I decided to make the little  tree blocks that Judy asked for. 

     I don't have a lot of true greens in my stash as I gravitate towards yellow greens myself, but I did have this Shwe Shwe fabric so that is what I went with.  I've made several of these blocks before but always improvisationally so it was interesting to  follow a precise pattern.

    I'm also sharing a photo of the October block for Lisa.  I finished this block ages ago but never posted about it.

     I love this block.  I really  really love the combination of red white and blue.  It's too bad I'm not American.  Just think of all the patriotic quilts I could make.

All these blocks should be in the mail tomorrow I promise I'm going to put them in their envelopes as soon as I get off the computer.

Lisa from Canada

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