Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hive 8 Tutorial - November

Hi all!  I'm Carolyn from Lanoka Harbor, NJ, on the Jersey Shore.  It is much quieter this time of year being it is no longer beach season.  I had trouble choosing a block for this month and I decided to go to my sketch book and pull from some designs that have been rolling around my head for a while.  It's and every which way pinwheel.  

For the flying geese I would like mustards, navy/dark blue. and dark grays.  

For the background fabrics I would like low volume fabrics.  I'm going for scrappy so you can use a mixtrure of a number of fabrics.  I only ask the flying geese have matching triangles.  

Fabrics to be cut:
12 assorted 5.5" x 3" colors for goose body
12 matching pairs of low volume (background) 3"x 3 " for flying geese (24 blocks in total)
4 assorted low volume (background) 3" x 5.5"
4 assorted low volume (background) 3" x 3"

To make the geese we will be using the flip, flip, and finish method.  Draw diagonal lines on the back of the 3" square pairs for the geese.  With right sides together align a square with the side of the goose fabric, stitch on the drawn line.  

Cut 1/4" away from drawn line and press out.  Repeat with matching square for each goose.  

Lay out the blocks for each quarter of the block.  You can press the seams to one side as you assemble.  

Once you have all 4 quarters together, press the last, middle seam open to reduce bulk.  The block should measure 15.5" x 15.5".

And there you have my every which way pinwheel.  Thanks so much!

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McAllisterWench said...

This one will be fun, I can't wait to make it for you!