Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hive 5 November Tutorial - Scrappy Cross Plus Block

Hello All!

I would like to ask for more blocks that I requested in last years swap....

For my turn this month I'd love a scrappy Cross Plus block a la Badskirt Amy, But sized up to a 12" block with measurements provided by canoeridgecreations.  

The directions for assembling the block are on Amy Gunson's blogpost :

BUT follow cutting sizes from above photo!!

Fabric choices:
Keep it scrappy!

For the center cross - pinks, reds, oranges, orchids (non pastels please), same fabric for all pieces please
For edge of cross- Medium to dark gray solid or patterned, please use same fabric for all four rectangles
Background triangles - low volume - do not need to be the same fabric on each square
Branches of the X -do not need to be the same fabric  blues (Aqua, teal, turquoise), greens (lime, citron, pear) nothing too dark (no navy or hunter green) or too pastel

Prefer modern fabrics, no novelty, no juvenile, think bright rainbow !  

I stiched some examples of the colors/feel I'm looking for

Any questions - let me know!  Thanks!!

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