Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hive #7 - Block for Erika (a.k.a. the Grand Finale)

Hello hive mates!
Last but not least I get to have my turn at being the Queen. I've had the most time to think about, ruminate, obsess, research and pin possible blocks for my month. My dedicated Pinterest board is chock full of lovely options.

What has not changed over the course of the year is my intent to use blocks to create a fun quilt for my daughter Cameron. She is three.
She is the third and all about everything pink shiny and sparkling! If left to her taste she would sleep under a pink and purple disco ball every night!
Also unique to her in this family, besides the love of all things princess related, is the breadth of her imagination. The expansiveness of the landscape between her ears is unbridled. The goal is a quilt which will keep her mind occupied with stories and adventure while keeping her IN her room and IN her big girl bed. Help!

What block to choose? After all the deliberation over the course of the year, a few projects that have been swirling around my brain have united. I've been looking for a scrap quilt in which to use up some small bit of fabric that I just can't throw out. Some are little bits of cuteness scraps, scraps from friends and other projects. And my friend has also started a quilt along for a tutorial she wrote for Sew Mama Sew, the Charming Plus quilt. I like its graphic nature and will work well scrappy too. Here are links to original tutorial  and qal info

It's a very simple block. Can be mad as a simple 9-patch with 2.5 inch squares or as I have (4) 2.5 inch blocks for back ground and 1 2.5 x 6.5 inch rectangle and (2) 2.5 inch squares for plus sign. The larger rectangle allows for better fussy cutting.

Color palette is based on the navy floral that will be use to back the quilt. Along side are fabrics that I pulled from my stash showing colors I'd like to highlight. Please no black, brown, purple, soft pastels, cream/beige. I want bright and fun!

Patterns: please have a blast. Make them funky, zany, quirky, bright , humorous, cute, girly. Novelty fabric is encouraged. But please no licensed characters. Solids and tone-on-tones are
welcome the eye always needs a place to rest. Just make sure Plus and background have good contrast so graphic
nature isn't lost.

Please make(4) 6.5 inch blocks to be joined later into one 12.5 inch block. I'd like to combine and trim myself to have a good mix. Here are some photos of fabrics I've started cutting and a few blocks made.
I hope you have as much fun as I have had going through scraps and charm packs looking for little bits of whimsy. Think sophisticated, “I spy”, whimsical bedtime story starter. My goal is not to duplicate ANY fabrics ( okay except some solids).
Thank you,
Erika ( and Cameron)
P. S. Cam says to tell you her favorite color is pink:)


Summer said...

Beautiful ♥

Podmom said...

Thank you!

Julia said...

Cameron looks so adorable with her pink tutu love. Since I'm already cutting pink scraps for my quilt, I'd love to hive crash & make some plus blocks too.

Podmom said...

Thanks Julia that would be fun! She likes getting mail!