Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hive 2 November Tutorial

Hi - I'm Mary Ann from North Carolina.  I got in at midnight last night from Quilt Market... and cannot find where my square directions are hiding.  Oh my, thanks for your patience.

My husband and I were born in NC but we actually met in India.  We will celebrate our 50th anniversary in April.  We have two children - our daughter (the mother of three young women) is a 6th grade teacher.  Our son (the father for four girls) is a pastor.  We have truly been blessed.
(I am a retired teacher.)

I started quilting when I was a young mother, making appliqué' quilts for each of our children and our nephews and nieces.  I'm quite sure I broke every rule in the book with my hand quilted projects.  

Like Hive #5, I'm asking for your help with the Ribbon Star block.  There is a tutorial by Joan Ford at hummingbird-highway.com (and she has given me her blessings) BUT I'd like my blocks to be 12 1/2" when you are finished.  I'd like for you to use bright colors, with a white or white on white background.  I love batik and grunge but use your stash.  If a print reads as a solid, then it works just fine.  No stress, please.

Fabric Requirements:
White Background:  8 - 5 1/4" squares
Primary Color:          4 - 5 1/4" squares
                                  1 - 4 1/2" square
Variety of Colors:      4 - 5 1/4""squares

Draw a line diagonally down the wrong side of the white blocks.
Place a primary colored 5 1/4" square on a white square, right sides together.
Sew 1/4" away on both sides of the drawn line.  Cut on the drawn line and press towards the dark fabric.  Square these blocks to 4 1/2".

Repeat this process with the corner blocks, using a different color square scrap of fabric for each corner.  (You will end up with four extra color blocks which you could use for any project... or  if you send those 4 1/2" squares, I could use them in the border of this quilt :)

Assemble the block in three rows.  corner block, focus color block, corner block... focus color block, focus colored square, focus color block... corner block, focus color block, corner block.  Then sew the three rows together.

 Thanks so much.  I hope you have fun with this square!


Unknown said...

Oh how fun. I am anxious to get home to pick out the fabrics..

dq said...

I love Batiks, so I am sure I will easily find some in my stash.