Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Pineapple Block - Yum!

When I saw the block that Alison requested, I was both excited (seemed simple) and nervous (do I have yellow and green fabric?).  I quickly went through my fabrics and got to work.  I love making HSTs and this block went together easily.

1. Name: RobinSue

2. Where you live: Oak Park, California

3. Tell us about your Family: Married with an almost 22 yr old daughter, graduating in May.  

4. Tell us about your pets: We have two active German Shorthair Pointers, Cola & Mini. 

5. How long have you been quilting? I started making simple quilts when I was in high school, more years ago than I care to admit.  I took a long break from needle and thread and when my daughter was in high school (almost 8 years ago) I took my sewing machine out of the case and haven't stopped since. 

6. What crafts do you do other than quilting? I'm not into other crafts.
7. What fabric line do you want to buy next? What a tough question. I'm starting out this year sewing from my stash, and of course, now that I've decided that, I love everything I see!

8. What is your preferred quilting method? I do all my own quilting on my home machine.  I use both straight line and FMQ designs.

9. Where can we find you on social media? Truthfully, I'm not very active on social media.  I can't quite get into it.  I can be found on Flickr: robinsuequilts, Instagram: RobinSue58

10. What is your favorite book? There are so many wonderful books, I can't choose a favorite! 

11. What is your favorite show to binge watch? When I'm sewing, I "listen" to NCIS, Castle, HGTV shows and seasons of shows I've saved on the DVR.


Alison said...

This is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I had the same concern about whether I had yellow or not. I never think about yellow. Your pineapple is very cute!