Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hive 7, January 2016 Block

Cindy, our hive mama and queen bee for this month asked us to make the block pictured below, and also introduce ourselves to the group.  So, here are my answers to the introductory questions:

1. Name:  Irene Grimes
2. Where I live:  I currently live in Fayetteville, NC but I am originally from Greece and Austria (mom is Austrian, dad is Greek) - I grew up in both countries and speak both languages....
3. Family:  BHE (Best Husband Ever) and I have been together for 15 years now; we are a "May-December", interracial, intercultural couple which causes mass-miscommunication, mass-confusion and barrels of laughs too!
4. Pets: Three Shihtzu girls, to whom BHE refers to as "my puppies", and I call the "old girls" (the youngest one is 8 years old).....
5. How long quilting:  I got bitten by the bug four years ago.  My absolutely favorite method is paper piecing.  When I realized that I needed to be home more (BHE needs me around more as he is getting older), I began Longarming and absolutely love it! I also design paper piecing patterns, and have recently published patterns of all 50 US States.
6.  Crafts other than quilting: There are others????
7.  What Faric Line to buy next:  my taste is not brand loyal - I buy what I like.  Because I paper piece a lot, I tend to gravitate towards fabrics with small patterns, or solids.
8. Preferred Quilting Method:  Longarming in my HQ Avante.  I do not have a computer, so everything I do is hand guided.  I do edge to edge a lot, but I really enjoy coming up with custom quilting schemes more and more.
9.  Social Media:  Email is, my blog (which is bilingual English & German) is Patchwork and Pastry
I am also on Facebook and Instagram (patchworkandpastry)
10.  Favorite Book:  There have been many over the years - when I was younger it was the Karl May books (German speakers probably remember those), recently I have devoured the Harry Potter series.  I have to confess that nowadays I read a lot more blogs than books!
11. Favorite Show to binge watch:  ok so now I am turning out my inner nerd!  Several shows on CNN are my favorites: Smerconish, State of the Union, Reliable Sources and AC360.  And I never miss the Daily Show (on the comedy channel)....

So now, here is my block - Monday morning it is off to Cyndi's house!

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