Tuesday, January 12, 2016

January block for Hive 2 by Mary Ann

First posting "Take Two"  (I have no idea where Take One went.)

Hi - I'm Mary Ann from Fayetteville, North Carolina.

My husband and I have two children - Our daughter is 47 and has three daughters (two of our granddaughters are in college and the third in this set will start in the fall.)  Our son is 44 and lives in CT.  He has four daughters... 10 - 16 years of age.  Yes - we have seven granddaughters.  :)

I am a retired teacher... my positions ranged from 1st grade to teaching teachers... never a dull moment.

I fall in love with fabrics.  I could stand and pet them like many of us stroke a cat or dog :)  I don't know how it happens but so many of those beautiful plant products end up at my house!!

I'm not linked to any brand, though I do feel a magnetic attraction to batiks.

There are three blogs that i particularly enjoy:
Aby Dollinger's can be found at Abyquilts.wordpress.com  She lives in our area and is a member of our guild.  Her method of creating her patterns is fascinating.
Annette Ornelas also lives in Fayetteville.  She has developed a peel-back patchwork method for sewing 1/4" straight seams that turn into beautiful dimensional curves.  Her blog is Southwind Inspirations.  (southwindinspirations.blogspot.com)
Irene Grimes has a bi-lingual blog called Patchwork and Pastries.  She is an amazing cook and is a paper piecer (primarily).  (Yes - she lives in this area as well - aren't we fortunate?)  Her blog can be found at irenegrimes.wordpress.com.
I can usually find time to quiet my nerves and sew a while at least five days a week.  I recently had rotator cuff surgery and my husband broke his shoulder in three places so quilting time has bee a challenge but the sun is peaking out behind those clouds.

My husband's grandmother taught me some quilting basics 40 + years ago... but I have been quilting with more dedication for at least 15 years.  I am intrigued by the colors and how they interact to create effects and tell stories!!

I thoroughly enjoyed this block.

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Karyn said...

Thank you Mary Ann! I'm glad you enjoyed the block....it's beautiful!! As you probably know, I live in CT to....next time your out this way visiting, perhaps we could meet up! I'm not familiar with the blogs you posted....guess where I'll be later tonight?!