Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hive 4 - Carmit's January Block

So super early in the month I got cracking, cut all my pieces, got out my real camera to take some action shots, and got this baby pieced. Loved it.

Then I measured it. 14”. No matter how I massaged those seams, the most I could get out of it was 14 ¼”, which wasn’t really going to cut it, was it? <--did you see what I did there?

So in the middle of the month I got cracking, unpicked the whole thing only to realize most of it wasn’t usable, cut out all my pieces again, didn’t even know where my camera was, and got this baby pieced again, right size and all. Loved it.

Then I started writing my blog post and scrolled through to see what everyone else was saying about it. Someone asked if she had gotten it right because it didn’t seem right, and I was just about to tell her that her small triangles were of the wrong fabric. 

So once more I got cracking, unpicked the whole stupid thing except for the nine-patch, cut some more pieces, took no shots at all, and got this baby pieced again, right size and all, right pattern too. Yeah, it’s pretty. Whatever :).

And here’s a little bit about me.
1. Name: Carmit. I have lived less than half my life in the only country where people can correctly pronounce that so don’t feel bad.
2. Where you live: On the outskirts of Munich, Germany, within walking distance of the airport. I can tell the time by the planes that go by. My favourite time of day is A380 o'clock.
3. Tell us about your family: Just me and a man we’ll fondly refer to as the Germ.
4. Tell us about your pets: Schnitzel and Kiwi, sisters of a race we like to call “Tel Aviv Street,” and Sheleg, a gorgeous Albino, also a survivor of the mean Israeli streets. Schnitzel and Kiwi get along great. Sheleg despises them both.
5. How long have you been quilting? Since 2011. I had moved to England, couldn’t work while I was waiting for a visa, so took a sewing class. I made my first quilt (a whole-cloth baby quilt) a few months later. Then I decided to go a bit bigger for the next one.
6. What crafts do you do other than quilting? I occasionally doodle, and I’ve just recently decided to give garment sewing a try. I also spend a stupid amount of time in the kitchen making things from scratch. Have a look at my instagram feed to see a bit of all of this.
7. Fabric line you want to buy next: I don’t as a rule buy fabric lines, but with a gun to my head it would be anything by Allison Glass.
8. Preferred quilting method (FMQ, long arm, hand, etc.): I was mostly straight-line quilting on my Janome Horizon, but I recently bought a longarm, so we’ll see how that goes. At present I am delightfully terrible at it.
9. Where we can find you on social media: @quiltingrainbow on Twitter, @quiltingrainbows on Instagram. I sporadically blog at
10. Favorite book: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. This book has changed my life in countless ways.
11. Favorite show to binge watch: I don’t watch much television (we don’t have one), but every once in a while I get into a show. I just managed to catch up on six seasons of The Good Wife last year (I have a pair of quilts planned based on the art that was hanging in Alicia's office in the first couple of seasons). At the moment I’m binge-watching Suits. Tell me what to watch next!


Steph said...

The block looks nice. Lived in Freising for my studies, so I know what you are talking about.

Jane Holbrook said...

I must be blind. I don't see any errors in the first or second block, they all look wonderful. You might need to get off of the ass kicking machine. And picking out blocks?? Wow. I could see sewing more but I'd send the ones that were off so they could be put on the back, or laughed at, or whatever. You can't really be such a perfectionist?? Would you consider sewing a block for me when it is my month? I think you and your blocks are a delight. xo

rappy said...

Thanks, Jane! The littlest triangles in the first and second blocks were of the wrong fabric. They needed to match the other points and I matched them to the inner point. I nearly missed it, too! I'm only a perfectionist when it comes to other quilters; the muggles wouldn't know the difference ;).

Happy to send you a block when it's your month - just remind me because I don't always have time to visit other hives.

rappy said...

Steph - you studied at TUM? Where are you living now?

Katie Cox said...

Carmit - I'm sorry this took so long for you, but I am excited to receive the block! Thanks so much for taking the time!

Susan said...

Nice block!