Monday, January 25, 2016

Hive 7 Block for Cyndi

I'm one day late publishing this post... But the block is in the mail!

I love me some half square triangles! So this block was a lot of fun for me.

1.  Name: Andrea

2.  Where you live:  Boca Raton, Florida

3.  Family: My amazing husband of 5 years and our little one-year-old Joel Jr! We have a lot of extended family too that we live close to. It's basically Everybody Loves Raymond here lol.

4.  Pets:  We have 2 dogs- a miniature Dachshund (10) and a Corgi mix (6)

5.  How long have you been quilting:  I learned how to quilt my first year in college when I was introduced to my mother-in-law's friend. I made several visits out to see her and she taught me the wonderful world of rotary cutting and meandering FMQ. That was 10 years ago! 

6.  Other crafts:  Sewing is my favorite but I'll try anything I like on Pinterest.

7.  Fabric line I am drooling over:  Anything by Cotton + Steel

8.  Preferred Quilting Method: Always FMQ. But this year's goal is to learn Big Stitch! 

9.  Social Media:  I'm trying to get away from social media and spend more time with my baby. But, I am on IG @abetkie 

10.  Favorite Book: I'm a sucker for epic novels. My favorite is The Century Trilogy by Ken Follet

11.  Favorite show to binge watch:  Right now the hubby and I are addicted to The Wire. I highly recommend Parenthood, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, The Goldbergs and recently Making a Murdered.

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