Participant Roles & Expectations

In the Stash Bee, there are different roles that we all play as participants. This post will hopefully explain what is expected of participants and explain some of what we do behind the scenes to make sure that the Stash Bee runs smoothly. Please review if you are considering signing up for the Stash.

Hive Members
Everyone who is assigned a spot in the Stash Bee is a Hive Member. There are eleven (11) members assigned to each hive, each person is also assigned their month to be Queen Bee. Hive members are responsible each month to make the block of the Queen Bee's choosing and mail it on or by the last day of each month.

If a hive member is unable to make a block for a given month and would like to request an Angel block, she/he must do so by the 7th of that month by sending an email to her Hive Mama. Angel blocks should only be requested when a person has extenuating circumstances -- not when a person just needs a break from making bee blocks or if they don't feel like making the block for a given month because they don't like it or they think it is too hard. Any hive member can volunteer to be an angel block maker for the month and everyone is welcome to make multiple blocks for Queen Bees at any time.

When your block is complete, you should post a photo of your completed block -- Facebook and Instagram hives will post on their respective platforms and all others will write up a blog post and post your completed photo here on the Stash Bee blog. Be sure to get your completed block in the mail.

*** Please note: if you have been delinquent more than 2 times in a given year within the bee, it will affect your status to participate the following year, so it is very important that you post your photos and mail your blocks ON TIME. ***

Queen Bees
Everyone assigned to a spot in the Stash Bee will have one month where they are the Queen Bee. This means that they will have picked a block, put together a test block and accompanying tutorial for a blog post that will be posted on the first day of the month that they are assigned. Queen bees are responsible for picking a block that can be made in 1.5 hours or less, is no more than 16" finished (16.5" unfinished) square, and does not require members to purchase uncommon tools/patterns.

The tutorial should have pictures of the steps necessary to complete the block and address any parts of the directions that may need clarification. If a tutorial for a block that is published elsewhere is picked, you should still have pictures of the block in progress/completed and explain any steps that may be unclear in the original tutorial. The tutorial post by the Queen Bee should also have a color inspiration mosaic, a design seeds type color palette, or a picture of a fabric pull in the colors you are requesting for your block.

Queen Bees should let their hive mates know when their blocks have arrived and keep track of whose blocks they have and have not received. Once all of the blocks have been received, Queen bees should let the Hive Mama know.

If someone is behind on their blocks for previous months, they are not allowed to take their turn as Queen Bee until they have completed all of their delinquent months' blocks.

Hive Mamas
Hive Mamas are the caretakers of each hive in the Stash Bee. There is one Hive Mama for each Hive in the Stash Bee and their month as Queen Bee is January. Hive Mamas are responsible for communicating with their hives on a regular basis (typically twice a month is sufficient) to keep everyone in the loop.

Hive Mamas are responsible for keeping track of which of their hive mates have posted blocks each month and should note if any were posted or mailed late. Angel Block requests are also sent to the Hive Mama who will work with the Bee Mama to find a volunteer to make a block.

Any in-hive concerns should first be addressed to the Hive Mama who will then determine if the issue needs to be addressed with the Bee Mama. Hive Members should feel free to address their concerns to the Hive Mama regarding block quality, fabric quality, the responsiveness of hive mates, promptness of hive mates, etc.

Bee Mama
The person that oversees the entire Stash Bee is the Bee Mama. Diana from Red Delicious Life is the Bee Mama.

The Bee Mama manages sign-ups for the Stash Bee in the fall and assigns Hive Mamas and Hive members to each hive. The Bee Mama communicates with the Hive Mamas on a regular basis to troubleshoot issues facing the bee at large. The Bee Mama helps Hive Mamas with in-hive issues when requested. The Bee Mama is also the Hive Mama for Hive #1 and fills any vacancies within the hives should they occur.

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