Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hive 8-January 2016 Block for Laura

Hello from Peas and Carrots Farm in Broad Run, VA!  I'm super excited to be part of this online bee this year!  I stumbled across it one day while looking at quilting blogs and loved the idea.  Here is my block:

When I went to my vast.. and I mean vast stash, I was surprised that I didn't have very many "low volume" choices.  I used some cream prints and I really like how it turned out!  Hope you love it Laura. 

Now, here are my answers to our questions.

1. Name: Lisa

2. Where you live: Broad Run, VA (about an hour west of Washington, DC)

3. Tell us about your family: I am married to my wonderful hubby with 4 kids between us and 3 grandkids but they are all in California so we use technology to stay in touch and of course travel several times a year.

4. Tell us about your pets: We have wonderful dog we rescued a couple years ago.  His name is Jethro and is a Basset/Shar Pei mix. (Jethro.. as in Jethro Leroy Gibbs/NCIS) :-)

5. How long have you been quilting?  I made some quilts when I was in my early 20's but didn't get back into it until we moved to Virginia and I was looking for a way to contribute to the community and make friends.  I became involved in a charity that made quilts for children of deployed service members as I really connected with that since my husband had been deployed.  I then got more involved after a trip to Alaska to see my daughter who wanted to learn to quilt.  So we bought some supplies and dug in and love that we have this passion to share.  She has gone on to become a YouTube crafting maker and can be found at if any of you are interested.

6. What crafts do you do other than quilting?  I have dabbled in crochet, home decorating crafts, chalk paint and a few things like that, but quilting is really my passion.

7. Fabric line you want to buy next: My stash, my stash, my stash... yep, you got it, must use my stash! But I really like Anna Maria Horner fabrics and would love to get some of her recent line, Luminous.

8. Preferred quilting method (FMQ, long arm, hand, etc.): My longarm machine, Handi Quilter Avante which I've had a little over a year now and love it!  I'm starting to do quilts for customers, so if any of you are interested in having me finish up some of those lingering tops, just let me know!

9. Where we can find you on social media:  Instagram @llmarkham2, Twitter @llmarkham, Email: and hope to have my blog up soon.

10. Favorite book: Not much of a reader but when I do, it's typically managerial, quilting or other non-fiction.  Probably one of my favorites from many years ago is, "Who Moved My Cheese".

11. Favorite show to binge watch: I don't "watch" much TV but often have HGTV or Food Network shows running in the background while I'm quilting.

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