Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hive 6 January Block

Sylvia picked out some great blocks to kick off 2016 with these awesome Union Jacks -- I'm adding in some teal and blue since this quilt is supposed to be for her husband and I was really excited because I got to bring Alison Glass to the party. 
These are great and I'm glad I got a chance to make them but I'm still not sold on making a whole quilt out of them. 

On to the questions and a bit about me:

1. Name:  Katie Yoakum (Hive queen in March)

2. Where you live: Winson Salem, North Carolina 

3. Tell us about your family: Just me and my husband. We have been married for 7 years.

4. Tell us about your pets: 5 crazy cats currently -- 1 grey Main Coon (the biggest), 2 orange tabbys (kahn and Nugget though they think they are people), a Brown tabby girl (monkey -- the oldest) and our latest addition is a black female (Luna Moon) 

5. How long have you been quilting? about 25 years, even though I'm only 33.

6. What crafts do you do other than quilting? I crochet some and paint a little but I used to be big into scrapbooking and card making. 

7. Fabric line you want to buy next: I'm looking forward to North Woods coming out in June so I can start my christmas quilt. I'm also looking forward to Alison Glass' next wave of sunprints and of course Tula Pink's Chipper

8. Preferred quilting method (FMQ, long arm, hand, etc.): Currently I only FMQ but I am making it a goal to learn long arming this year

9. Where we can find you on social media: Blog: Instagram: @karmawillow, Pinterest: katieyoakum

10. Favorite book: Alice in Wonderland, though I never get tired of rereading Harry Potter or Twilight.

11. Favorite show to binge watch: Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Top Gear and Master Chef -- I'm currently binge watching Ennterprise on Netflix but will be going to TNG next.


Tracy Hansen said...

The colors in these blocks are fantastic!!!

Karen said...

I really like your block! Nice job. I am jealous of all your cats. My one cat would be so mad at us if we got more. He likes being an only child.