Saturday, January 31, 2015

Hive 3 block done

Hi, I'm Heather from QA Creations.  The block is already on its way to Ireland, but I need to get the post done!  I did a nature theme for my bookshelf block for Ruth.

Stash Bee Hive 3 January 2015

She asked what our first quilt was and if we still have it... mine is kind of a two part answer.  When I first decided to learn, I bought some how to quilt books and signed up for a class at a quilt shop.

I very excited and got started on a rail fence quilt before I took the class.  Then I took the class and learned how I was really supposed to do it, and then finished the rail fence.  I donated the rail fence to Quilts for Kids, and kept the quilt from the class.  

The rail fence I donated is below.  It doesn't look that bad, but I really hope it didn't fall apart because knowing what I know now, some of those seams were less than secure.

Quilts for Kids 1

The quilt for the class was supposed to be a 4 block sampler (if I remember correctly), but I decided to make extra blocks and turn it into a large lap quilt.  This still gets a lot of use.

First Sampler Quilt

And that is how you end up with two first quilts.  They were made and finished simultaneously, and I quilted them the same day.  I don't know how to decide which was truly first.

Ruth, I hope you like your block!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Hive #9, January block- check!

Hi folks!

Hope you are staying warm if you are in cold climates and enjoying the sun in the warm ones!
I would take Toni to The Palisades Restaurant in Eggleston, VA. It is an old general store that has been converted into a restaurant. It sits on the banks of the New River. The food is absolutely wonderful, everything from farm to table, wood fired pizza and my favorite; a brie and pear quesadilla! The restaurant also hosts great blue grass music from around the area!
Second, you would have to come experience the life of a Hokie, a Virginia Tech Hokie! I work at an amazing institution and the orange and maroon pride is felt wherever you go. I love my students. They embrace our motto, "Ut Prosim", That I May Serve in all aspects of their life.

January's block! I love this color combination! Gorgeous, can't wait to see this all together.

Hive 9 January Block

Hi Hive 9. I'm Tiffany. Here are my blocks for Toni for January.

Toni asked where I would take her if she came to visit. I live in a small town in Georgia about halfway between Athens and Augusta. Most people I meet have never heard of Washington, GA. Even people who have lived in Georgia their whole life! That said, there's not really a lot to see here. Kettle Creek Battlefield, from the Revolutionary War is nearby. But it's not much to see really. Rumor has it, the Confederate Army buried some gold somewhere in Wilkes County. So I guess we could go treasure hunting. I really don't know what else to tell you. There's not much going on around here. Two years ago, when I still lived in Colorado Springs, I'd have plenty of ideas!

Hive 4 January Block Completed

Hi all, My name is Heather and I am from Southeastern, CT, USA

I taught myself to sew 10 years ago, and I have been quilting for about 3 years.

I am excited to be part of this hive, and this is my second year of the Stash Bee.
Our January Hive Mama, Renae, asked us to help her finish up a quilt by making her a beautiful paper piecing block, designed by Wombat Quilts.

Colors of Raspberry, purple, lime, navy and teal and low volume background. Paper piecing is one of my new passions. Here is my block for Renae.

Renae wanted to know what was on our quilting bucket list.
I have many unfinished projects, but two important quilts on my bucket list. One is my quilt from last years Stash Bee. Last year I requested the Icky Bump paper pieced block from Wombat Quilts in Aqua, Purple, or Pink. Because I received so many aqua and only a few of the other colors, I need to make quite a few more purple and pink blocks for completion of the quilt.
These are the blocks I have received so far.

The second quilt I want to make is a King sized version of Kaleidoscopic Kites quilt from Fresh Lemon Quilts. This was the first quilt I wanted to make, but have found that collecting fat quarters for it has been very difficult. I purchase some, set them aside, organize them and then suddenly, I need to grab some from the pile to use for other projects. Hopefully some day this quilt will be laying on my bed.

I have a blog at HotPinkThread, although have not tended to it in quite  a while, but plan to start using it regularly this year. I have an etsy shop selling fabrics at HotPinkThread, and also a Facebook Page, HotPinkThread. I look forward to getting to know all of you, and seeing all the blocks this year!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Stash Bee Hive #8 Block DONE!

Ok, so this will be answering both questions, two birds, you know. I LOVE Maroon/Burgundy so Marsala fits right in there. I love to wear these colors, not so sure about as a quilt but I would love to try... Maybe for my month.... Hmmm So many ideas!

On to the block! Audrey, I am glad you picked this block. Why? Because I am being lazy and the complexity of the block made me snap out of it. But in reality, it was easy. I am actually going to add it to my rep. for later use. :) Here it is. I hope you like it. This is what I had in my stash.

Rose Name

Hive 4 January Block FInished by Barb

I'm feeling very accomplished! This is my first paper piecing  project and I do think I'm getting the hang of it. 

I took a Craftsy class by Elizabeth Dackson and she was so thorough in her presentation, that it was a breeze.

I can't wait to see how Renae puts all these blocks together. Very fun!

Hive 6 Block from Michelle

Australia contributes to HIVE 6

Hi my name is Michelle and I live in rural Queenslands.
When I saw the lovely block that was picked this month my first thought was ... UGH HST !!! But when you throw in some contrasting colours, it turned out great. And then I saw QST.... Oh well.

I have participated in a few bees over the years but this is my first BLOG based one, so hopefully I won't suck at this too much.

The fabric choices were easy, No purples and yellows in my house, the are officially the least amount of fabric in my stash, now navies and oranges ... thats another story.
My choices were Stof fabric, botanicals and blue print that had no label but I'm sure it came with some lobster fabric I bought a few years ago.

My favorite vacation site... last year my hubby gave me a beach house for my birthday. If I could do anything and be anywhere it would be here, with my kids 


Current Girlfriend meets Hunters Star

I boldly joined Stash Bee while ignoring nagging thoughts that I might be over committing myself, a character defect I have practiced a lot. Turns out to be a manageable project. My stash of scraps taunted me when it came to choosing colors. I want to do a good job and please Heather, of A Reformed Heathn, who has kindly helped us newbies. I have quilted for 41 years but not made a Hunters Star before. It was fun and I love it! Can't wait to see the collection. Here is my star:

The colors remind me of the winter hillsides of our canyon home here in the central Idaho Rocky Mountains, grassy yellows, lavender shade, blue skies...  We are close to the Salmon River and that segues to my favorite meal: barbequed salmon, pasta with home made pesto sauce, fresh fruit salad, and a sour cream chocolate cake for dessert. It is my birthday dinner every summer! The anadromous  Coho salmon hatch here, travel 800 miles to the Pacific Ocean to live for several years, then come back up the Columbia River and on to the Salmon River to spawn. Only the chocolate is imported, the rest is local.

Hive #1-Alison's Block!

Hi!  I'm Jennifer, the struggling end of Hive #1 I believe.  I guess that I love the look of flying geese but have avoided actually ever making them.  This block was quite the education!  Add to that, I'm a pediatric ER nurse and you may have's flu and RSV season.  No rest for the weary!

For my first attempt there are no pictures, just a bunch of crumpled up dead geese.  My second attempt has the pink center.  I think that I wasn't as precise as I should have been when making the geese, making the points and seams almost impossible to meet up.  I'm sending it along, just in case Alison has some idea for block rehab.

My final attempt used the "measure seventeen times, cut once approach" since I was quickly running out of my chosen fabrics.  It has the light blue center.

Of course even photographing these posed a challenge at my house.  Meet Knuckles the Corgi and photobomber.

As for quilting disaster, I have many.  I'm a bad pattern follower, tending to do the math and write my own.  This leads to many creative solutions.  But nothing tops the quilt that recently was a multiphase disaster.  It was a quilt I'd pieced very early in my quilting career.  Seams are wonky, pressed wrong.  I recently decided to go ahead and finish it.  While quilting it, the cat decided to "christen" it, where I learned that the red fabric ran.  Needless to say, it didn't work as a Christmas gift!

Hive #5 - January Block

Happy New Year!  I'm Christina and this is my second year with Stash Bee.  Below is my Hive #5 block for Lynn.

Lynn's question was which is my favorite season and why?  I really love all the seasons.  If I have to pick one, I'd say it's Fall.  The colors of the leaves are AMAZING here in the northeast -- red, orange, yellow, while the sky is still blue and sunsets are a glow of oranges, reds and even purples.  I love to walk on the beach in the fall when there's no people on the beach, the air is crisp and the water is cold.

I can't wait for the next block.


Hive 6: January 2015 Swamp Angel Block

Hello everyone! My name is Julia and I'm from lovely Somerville, MA. Somerville is nestled up against Cambridge and Boston. This whole area is full of colleges & we have regular tourist seasons. Right now we're covered in snow thanks to the recent blizzard so minimal tourists. :)

I'm leaving this afternoon to fly to Orlando, FL to visit friends and go to a quilting event. When I travel I typically visit friends & relatives. I have family in Sweden & friends all over the world so that's great. I just finished my library & information science degree so I'm treating myself to a vacation in Cancun at the MC of February. I'm very excited for the trip. I've never been to Mexico & I splashed out for a beach resort. I'll be packing bikinis, caftans & books.

This is my first bee & I enjoyed making the block. It pushed me on dealing with bias distortion particularly when making QSTs. I tossed out several wonky blocks while getting my technique down. I really like how this looks. I chose blue & orange fabrics. I bought a FQ of plane fabric because it was a great match with the question of the month.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Stash Bee Hive 6 January Block

Hi Everyone!

I'm Tori (short for Victoria) from Camden Maine.

I've managed to finish my first block for Hive 6.  Yeah!  I would have been done sooner, but I've been sick.  And then we had a blizzard which meant an unexpected day off and an opportunity to finish my bee block.  I also made one for myself so I can do a sampler quilt of all the blocks throughout the year.

It's a block I've never tried before and I really liked it.

Question of the month:  How do you spend your vacations?

I live in Maine which is Vacationland.  Camden Maine is full of tourists 9 months of the year.  So I vacation to get away from vacationers.  For one week each summer we hang out at my in-laws poolside and take day trips as an entire family.  It's relaxing and energizing at the same time.

I can't wait for our next block!