Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November Block for Hive 3

     I almost didn't sign up for Stash Bee this year.  I really enjoyed it last year but I knew my time would be tight.  I work almost full time and this year I am chairing the outreach committee for my local quilt guild, which is a huge undertaking so I knew I would be busy.  What I didn't realize was how busy I would be.  Between my daughter in law having immune issues and my 88 year old aunt entering crisis years . I've been stretched to the limit.  So I apologize to anyone who got their block late from me....although I know you are all understanding women.

     Today I will be travelling into Toronto to visit my aunt in the hospital but as my bus doesn't leave until 12:20 I decided to make the little  tree blocks that Judy asked for. 

     I don't have a lot of true greens in my stash as I gravitate towards yellow greens myself, but I did have this Shwe Shwe fabric so that is what I went with.  I've made several of these blocks before but always improvisationally so it was interesting to  follow a precise pattern.

    I'm also sharing a photo of the October block for Lisa.  I finished this block ages ago but never posted about it.

     I love this block.  I really  really love the combination of red white and blue.  It's too bad I'm not American.  Just think of all the patriotic quilts I could make.

All these blocks should be in the mail tomorrow I promise I'm going to put them in their envelopes as soon as I get off the computer.

Lisa from Canada

November Hive 5 Blocks

For Kristen

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Last block of 2017

Another year has passed, stash bee friends, this one even more quickly than the years prior. Or is that just me as a mom to a young girl??  I was able to make this block set very quickly yesterday morning, whil waiting to go outlet shopping with friends.  (Meaning I drove 2 hours to shop at the Gap lol). I think I will make these trees in the future,  but I say that a lot. Happy thanksgiving and other holidays, friends. See you in 2018 on one platform or another!

-Lee (@zanytaylor)

November block for Laura

Finally got around to making my block for Laura. It will be in the mail tomorrow.

Hive 1 November Block

Keep forgetting to post the block I made for Diana G.   I really loved making it and it is on my to do list.  

Diana.... Hoping this will work in your quilt.   Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Sewing.  By the way it has been mailed.

Monday, November 20, 2017

This is the block for Laura.  I made it the first week of November and then, I forgot to write about it. It is going in the mail tomorrow!

Dieser Block ist für Laura.  Ich haben ihn schon for ein paar Wochen genäht, habe aber dann vergessen den Post zu schreiben.  Ich bringe ihn morgen auf die Post!

Even though pink is really not my color, I really like this block.  I like everything about it: the combination of color, the construction, everything....

Rosa ist wirklich nicht eine meiner Lieblingsfarben, aber mir gefällt dieser Block schon sehr - die Farbkombinationen, die Konstruktion, etc ...

I hope Laura likes my block.

Ich hoffe der Block gefällt Laura...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

November Stash Bee Block for Hive 6

Hi Laura!

Here is the block I made for you.  I hope the grays I used will fit in with the rest. Some of them are a little darker than what your sample showed.   

I saved the triangle scraps just in case you want them and will send them along with the block.   Can't wait to see them all together!

Hive 3 Trees for Judy

And that's a wrap! What a fun, fun year this has been participating in Stash Bee! Judy's simple forest blocks are already on their way...I look forward to seeing the finished top, it'll be great!

Thank you, hive-mates! It has been a great time hanging out with you and stitching up your bee-autiful blocks!


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hive 5 - November

Kristen has already received these, I’m just very forgetful about posting.  I’ve admired this block every time I’ve seen it. Definitely going on my list for 2018.

Flying Geese for Heather

I love paper piecing.  I hope this works well for your quilt.  It has been a fun year.