Friday, November 27, 2015

Hive 4 June Quilt Top

Hello Everyone,
This is Diana from Red Delicious Life. I wanted to share my finished quilt top for Hive 4 before the end of this year's bee. I was queen in June and couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. Maybe it's just the light from the windows behind me but it reminds me of a stained glass window.

With the holidays in full swing, I'm giving myself lots of time to finish it. My goal is to be snuggling under it by New Year's Eve.

Hive 2 November block for Helen

Here goes with my last block of the year - courthouse steps, with a strip of selvedge for Helen.

Helen asked what we do when we make mistakes: my answer is find a way to make it work.  I don't think I've ever abandoned a project and because I'm making it up as I go along it usually seems to come together in the end.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November block for Bev

Happy Thanksgiving to all the U.S. Participants! For those elsewhere, It's a great time to think of the many things for which we have o be grateful . On that note, I am grateful that each of you shared fabric, time, thoughts and ideas with me this year. Thank you for letting me be a part of the hive. It was a great experience!

To answer Bev's question, my favorite color combinations for quilts change with my mood and the season as well as for whom I'm making a quilt. Sometimes I like brights, sometimes I like hues with more charcoal in them.  Red is probably the color I use the least.

Bev, your blocks were mailed 2 days ago. Enjoy your new home in Oklahoma! Lyssa

Hive 1 blocks for Bev

Hi Bev! This is Alison and here are three blocks for you! I made them out of the scraps from the Wallflowers line!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Hive 4 November Block for Andrea

Yay! I posted this on time :) This month's block for Andrea was quick, easy and cute. She asked for pumpkins. These are literally the only orange fabrics I own so I hope she like them! Andrea asked us our favorite holiday memory. My favorite memory is every year my family drives to the mountains in NC and picks out our Christmas trees. We are all adults now but still go every year. My mom always has to get a huge tree (like 12-13 feet). I always enjoy watching my dad and brother wrestling to get the tree indoors. Fun for me, maybe not so fun for them :)

Hive 9 November Block for Erin

The first half of November totally got away from me, but this morning I was finally able to sit down and do your block Erin. It came together nicely thanks to the lovely little ruler you sent to each of us.

Then in my rush to post your block, I forgot to take a picture of it. <eye roll>

My cat, Spooky provides the visual.  He is ever willing to share his opinion of the humans that serve him. In this shot he is letting me know that I can at least show you the fabrics I used, so here is a snap of them.

Monday, November 23, 2015

November Blocks for Erin - Hive 9

It is so hard to believe that this year's bees are almost done. I've had a great time and love the blocks that our hive got to do this month. I've always been a fan of rainbows and rainbow colored quilts and I can't wait to see what Erin does with these blocks.

I want to thank her for the wonderful fabric she sent (and she was very generous) and the great little ruler. I had just started a project where that ruler was a big help!!! Plus I think this is my favorite block this year, just because it was so bright and cheery.

The pattern basically makes two blocks and they go together very quickly.  I think this is going to go onto my to do list, and maybe in rainbow colors.  Here are my blocks. They went into the mail this morning, so hopefully they will arrive very soon.

Now for Erin's question, What experience have you had that initially seemed like it would be a great burden in your life but ultimately it transformed your life in a way that you are now grateful for? I've been very blessed in my life, but in 2006 I had to make some dramatic changes in my life. My parents started having some severe health issues and it became clear that they wouldn't be able to live independently for much longer. So I sold my home, their home and my sister and I bought a house together and moved them in with us. It was hard, but I know that it made the last years of their lives so much easier/better. And I was blessed to know that I gave back to them for all the wonderful things they gave me as a child.

Bee Block for Bev

we made these great blocks for Bev this month -- I sure hope that she loves them. 
This was a great way to end the year -- can't wait to see how we start 2016. 

Julia's Block for November - Orange you glad!

Brrr....Its starting to get cold outside and its a good a time as any to stay in and sew....  For this month Julia (#2) has asked us to get our orange on!  I love Orange but have struggled on how to use my stash of this was a perfect opportunity to dig in and find some fun prints.

this was a nice simple block but has infinite possibilities.  I made one for me and one for Julia...  My sampler quilt is going to be funky!!!!  I'm using my blocks that I made duplicates of from my Stash bee experience as well as the Bee Hive.... So many blocks and color choices.

Julia asked what was your favorite part of participating in the bee? As this was the first bee I've participated in....I loved it all.  I loved getting to know everyone's personalities by their fabric and pattern choices.  I can't wait to see the finished products of this years bee.  Can we post our finished projects after this year ends?  I hope so.

Happy Holidays everyone!


November Hive 4 block for Andrea

Laura here with Andreas's pumpkin blocks, take# 1.  Yes, I had to remake them after I re-read the directions and noticed that I had trimmed them to 8".  No worries, they are quilted and waiting for binding and will make the most adorable pot holders for Thanksgiving.  Andrea, yours are similar but I forgot to take a new picture of take #2 before sealing them in the envelope. 

My favorite holiday memory is going to get a Christmas tree with my brothers.  We surprised our parents who were traveling home from my dad's stay in the hospital two hours from home.  Little did we know that we had chosen the proverbial "Charlie Brown tree" as the needles began dropping on the packages under the tree a few days after we put it up.  We took it down and got another one because we could not turn the lights on for fear of fire. We still talk about it years later when we are together.

HIve 7 -- November finish!!

It's hard to believe we've finished year together.  It's been fun to make blocks for everyone and to get all those lovely birds you made for me (still waiting for their turn on the work wall).
Here are the final two blocks -- for Christina -- she is make a Quilt of Valor.
It's an easy block to piece and as I was looking at it on the work wall, I got to thinking it will be fun to experiment with the layout -- seems like there would be some interesting variations!
She asked us what was our favorite quilt we've made for someone else -- a picture helps -- this is one of three quilts I made for my adult children last Christmas with some help from their great, great grandmother!! 
I told the story of the blocks and the quilts last winter on my blog -- read it HERE!

And the favorite that I've made for myself -- much harder question.  It's always the one I'm working on at the moment, but I have to say this scrappy tumbling block I made while developing the script for my DVD, Set-In Piecing Simplified is pretty special.  My favorite part of this quilt is that it has such a wide variety of fabrics -- a good scrapbook of my deep, deep fabric stash!!

 Being part of Hive 7 has been a pleasant experience.  I'm sitting out 2016 -- too far behind on too many things. 
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. 

Mary Huey

Happy Orange Block for Julia

I can't believe there is less than a week until Thanksgiving in the States.  Julia had a create a festive orange block this month.  It went together quickly, even though it took me longer to get started.  Note to self, read the directions from start to finish first.

My favorite part of the bee this year has been waiting for the first of the month to see what new block I got to tackle.  It has been a pleasure working with you lovely ladies of Hive 6.  May your holiday season be filled with family, friends, and good cheer.