Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hive 5 June blocks for Patti.  It did take longer to cut everything out than to make the block.  My stash doesn't have much it the way of florals so hope the work for you Patti.  They are going in the mail today.

Hive 2 June Block

Hi Lisa glad you're able to join our group. Block will be in mail tomorrow.

Hive 5 - June

Patricia requested the X and + block which I love to use for scraps.  The one type of fabric I am low on is florals - the feature fabric she asked for.  Usually I would run out and shop, but I'm trying  to save not spend, so I scrounged my stash until I found four different florals for one complete block.  

Oops!  Missed a few strings before the photo session!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

 Hello Hive 5
     Patti I had fun looking in my stash for flowers (turns out I don't have very many) thank goodness for a fat quarter bundle of Amy Butler.  Hope you like the Block.
Have a great week. 

Block for Hive 6

Thank you for such an easy BIG block to make!  If I wasn't in the middle of moving and packing up my sewing space, I would have made two of these.   Hope you like it!

June Hive 2 Orange Peels for Lisa!

Lisa - these applique orange peels were a lot of fun, not to mention quick and easy!  Thanks again for stepping up to be June queen at the last minute! These will go in the mail soon.
Happy quilting!

Pineapple for Hive 4

I finished the pineapple for Alison.  I happen to love my yellow scraps, so this was especially fun to make.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hive 7 June

I have some pretty little hearts for our hive momma!  Hope you like them - they go in the mail tomorrow and have a long trip ahead of them.  One is specially made to remind you of me - it has Texas shaped herringbone!

Hive 2 blocks for Lisa

I've never done appliqué before at all, so this was a new adventure. Fortunately it was totally doable!  Except for my challenges due to my inability to read thoroughly.  Your blocks should be in the mail by this weekend.   Your quilt will be lovely.

Thanks for the challenge!


Monday, June 19, 2017

These two Big Nines will go in the mail tomorrow. Thank you, Paulette, for this 'modern' block. I have several leftover floral nine patches and now I have a plan for using them.  I will make a donation quilt for my guild - I've already auditioned some fabric choices to make the BIG part!