Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hive 4 September block

September block for Katie - my first time at reverse applique. I am loving all the different techniques that I am learning this year!

And finally #stashbeehive4 #stashbee block for Katie

Katie asked what keeps us quilting. For me it is a method of relaxation. I usually try to do some sewing each day, but with returning to full time work this year and a child that refuses to go to sleep at night I am finding it hard lately. Though I do get to steal time here and there to do it!

Hive 8 October block for Amanda

This month Amanda asked for a super cute sailboat block. It was fun and easy to sew! My stash has very little brown but I had just finished the Row by Row experience quilt top and had one little piece in f brown left! So lucky and happy to have just what I needed.
I'm very happy with my block! And I really hope Amanda does too!! 
My iPad will not take a good color picture... This is more vibrant in person. 
This months question is how and why did we begin quilting. My answer is really boring... I honestly don't know!!
I've always been a creative person. Making things is what I do! I guess it was just a stumble upon thing. I learned to sew as a child and loved sewing clothes and small accessories for myself. When I was pregnant with my first child I wanted to make things for him. I made him soft cloth toys and clothes. With the bits left over it was a natural progression to use them in a quilt. And a crafting passion was born ��

Hive 3 October block for Bianca!

Television suggestions... Hmmm..not good with that but I can tell you I listen to pandora radio when I want to be really productive.  Guilty pleasure show is if Sex and the City reruns pop on.  I never watched them the first time around! We have very minimal stations, I'm a public TV/radio person so I never really watch tv and sew.  One time I put the computer next to the sewing machine.  That's not happening again!  My finger got the short end of the stick - or should I say Needle!! Not a happy day !!!

this pic came up very green but it's a teal/aqua!

September blocks for Liz -hive #5

Finally finished Liz's block.  Made 2 because I couldn't decide on one color. I hope she likes them.

As for quilting? Well I've onl stock to smaller quilts that I could do on my regular machine. But I just finished a queen size quilt I want to send to someone to long arm quilt. But I can't decide who to use. Any suggestions?

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hive 3 October Tutorial

Hello busy bees of Hive 3!

I'm Bianca, and I hail from Toronto, Canada.  
I have been a sewer and maker pretty much all my life, with making clothes and knitting being my longest standing hobbies.  I have only just within the last year and a half (after my son's birth) gotten into quilting.  I find it easy to work on in bits and pieces, and I love that I can keep my work off the floor and away from the Bean's little grabby hands!

I have chosen the Ripples block from the Beehive Quilts series by Angie from

The colours I would like are bright oranges and yellows, light and medium teal or aqua blues with a navy background fabric (scrappy is fine).   

For cutting, please follow the picture below.  I cut two extra 3.5" squares, for a total of 14, both background and other colours ( the tutorial has 12)  because I want the corners to be scrappy.  If you decide to cut the two extra squares, I would really appreciate if you would send me the extra HST, as I will be making quite a few extra blocks for this quilt.   

Or 6 lt blue & 4 med blue


My question: What are your favourite things to watch while quilting?  We are getting both a TV and a Netflix subscription for Christmas, after not having TV for almost three years, so I'm planning my must watch list already!

Hive 7 October Block for Lori

I normally don't have "Americana" colors in my stash, but I was recently given a ton of fabric by a gal in my guild. Lori asked for any kind of star, and my favorite is the Ohio Star.  

Lori asked what our favorite block was, and if we'd ever made a quilt from it.  My favorite is the log cabin block, and I've made 7 quilt tops so far that are waiting to be quilted.  

Hive 6 October Blocks

This is Samantha writing to you from GA where it has been raining almost non stop for over a week!  Ug. And my kids have been on fall break this week.  Double Ug!  These blocks really challenged me.  I love quilting because I can use rulers to cut straight even lines.  I can use special sewing feet to make perfect quarter inch seams.  I can make 100 of the same block and they will all come out looking the same.  I like symmetry of traditional designs.  I still consider myself modern, but I'm not a huge fan of wonky.  So this was hard.  I didn't once use my rotary cutter, but I still used my quarter inch foot.  The first star I made turned out best.  It was the gray and orange one.  The second one doesn't lay as flat as I'd like.  Hopefully it will still work in the quilt.  I made two so I could try out two different sizes.  The first one is a bit smaller.  I hope it's sunny where you are!  We didn't even get to see the lunar eclipse because of the cloud layer.  Oh well... maybe in another 30 years...

Hive 2 - Hive Hop

Hi Kaja, it's Martina from Hive 3. When I saw your color chips with the Kona names, and the only restriction being squares or triangles, I had to get to work. As I said in my Hive 6 gate crashing, I love improv. Since you were requesting squares, I immediately thought of Sherri Lynn Wood's Score for Floating Squares and off I went. I hope you like it and I hope you can use it. It is mostly squares, filled to be equalized with other pieces. In case you don't like it, perhaps it can find a spot on the back ;) It's roughly 12"by 17"and I did not square it up, so you can decide how you want it.

As for which quilters I admire most: Nancy Crow, Gwen Marston, Rayna Gillman, Sherri Lynn Wood, and Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Hive 4 September block for Katie

Hi it's Amanda :) I completed my blocks, posted on Instagram and mailed them mid September. However, I have been HORRIBLE about getting them posted on Blogger. This reverse applique block that Katie chose was quick and fun! Katie asked what keeps us quilting? For me it is the creative output and a way to relax. I binge watch a show on Netflix and sew for hours.

Hive 6 - Hive Hop

Martina from Hive 3 here. If I have learned one thing throughout the last year, it's been the fact that I am more and more drawn toward improv piecing along the lines of Nancy Crow, Rayna Gillman, Gwen Marston, Sherri Lynn Wood and Jean Wells. Kate, when I saw your request this morning (France time) I could not help but get to my machine, grab some fabric and make a block. My "15 minutes of play"  today was making your block - I hope you don't mind that I used filler fabric to make up some of the solid blocks.Thank you again for making my day :)

PS: Please email me your address!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hive 3 - September Block

What a great block! Here are my pretty posies -

I also had trouble with the leaves - I definitely have a few extra going in the wrong direction.

The highlight of my summer - we went on a family camping trip at Assateague Island, Maryland. My children are older, so we're trying to hang on to the family trip as long as possible. Other than that, I spent a lot of time quilting, hanging out with friends, and taking tennis and swimming classes.

I can't wait to see October's block!!

Here's a picture from our Assateague trip -

Hive 1 October Bookshelf blocks for Lyssa


I am so grateful for your help with this quilt, and so excited to see the various fabrics and designs that come in-Thank you! Hopefully, you have all received the fabric I mailed to use as background fabric. If not, please let me know as soon as possible.

As soon as I read Ruth's post in January, my Queen Bee choice was made! It reminded me of a favorite birthday gift that hangs in my kitchen.

 I love this block and will be delighted to see your themed bookshelves. If possible, please include her addition of a fussy cut item you would find on a book shelf.

Please make a 12 1/2" x 16 1/2" block. If it's a little larger, I'm happy to trim it. Here are pictures of the blocks I've made/am in the process of making:

As a little introduction, my name is Lyssa Jane. After moving from Palo Alto, CA, our family lives in the foothills of the beautiful, rugged mountains surrounding the Salt Lake valley in Utah. We are within 20 minutes of 4 world-class ski resorts. My husband and I have 3 sons and a daughter with whom I enjoy spending time. As young adults and teenagers, they bring so much fun and laughter! Published in an earlier post is a picture of our Golden Doodle, Molly.  She is VERY devoted!

I work as a dental office manager after being a full-time mom for 25 years.  Previously, I have owned a pop-up home decor boutique with my sisters, owned a home-baked bread delivery service in which I baked and delivered 60-72 loaves of specialty bread 1 day per week, and am an independent Norwex consultant.

 I serve the youth in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the Mormons), and enjoy my time with them. In addition to sewing, I love gardening, baking, hiking, skiing, biking, reading, playing board games, gnomes, the beach, collecting dishes, traveling, waterskiing, and hosting dinner parties.

My question for each of you is (again, taken from another hive):  If I visited your hometown, where would you take me as my tour guide?