Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Block for Patty - Hive 5

Here's July's block for Patty.  I love this quatrefoil block and I really like Patty's colour inspiration this month.

I hope you like it Patty and I am really looking forward to seeing your quilt come together.

Abigail from cut&alter x

Hive 7 - July Block for Kristen

The block for Kristen came together rather quickly! I had a bit of fun with the grey arrows...:)
Der Block für Kristen ist leicht, und ich konnte ihn sehr schnell zusammen nähen...und ich finde die Pfeile im grauen Stoff lustig!
I am a bit late with it (I hope Kristen will forgive the tardiness) but the block is going in the mail today. These blocks will make a very pretty quilt!
Ich bin ein bisschen spät dran und ich hoffe Kristen hat Verständnis dafür. Der Block geht heute in die Post - aus all diesen Blöcken wird eine schöne Quilt entstehen!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July Hive 2

I'm running late because I was truly challenged by the star points.  I made the block on the left this morning and it took very little time but I sure struggled with my spatial logic on the first run through with the block (see left.)  I hope they will get out in today's mail - certainly tomorrow's.  Sorry, Marga.  I think your quilt will be beautiful.
Mary Ann Hardee

Monday, July 25, 2016

Party Crashing for Tracy and Sarah

I had a lot of fun making these blocks. For Tracy in Hive 6, I chose the theme, "A Day at the Beach." The tutorial was a cinch to follow and I was happy with the result. I photographed it by our jetboat, "Current Girlfriend," named after yours truly. I used selvedges for the string square.

For Sarah in Hive 1, I made a set of feathers. Being careful (read: slow) I took my time getting them done and still got the two rights mixed up, but oh well. I like the result and the fact that it is a nice big 18 inch block. A few would make a nice little wall hanging or baby quilt and I will be making it again, for sure. Her color choice worked out great for me; I have been holding onto a yard of vintage Alexander Henry waiting for the right project, and here it is. I used a piece for the solid side of the right feather.

Hive 9 June 2016 block for Kelly

I must be honest, I postponed working on this block as I was intimidated by the feather.  However, once I reviewed the tutorial linked in, it didn't seem too difficult. I found that to be true when I actually started working on this feather.

Kelly, I hope you like this.  I can't wait to see your finished quilt!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

July Feathers for Sarah in HIve 1...

I finished Sarah's feather block last week and it went in the mail July 21st. I've always admired these blocks but they are a little challenging. I can't wait to see what Sarah does with all her blocks.

Pretty Wonky

And here we are, my July finish. Had to get this one done around a 2-week long training for my new job, but wow, it was worth it! I'm not always one for wonky stars, but these designs really appeal to me. Probably because of the extra visual interest in having multiple stars and different colors. Waaaaaaaaaay low on the white and whitish scraps, though.

Still, I like how this one came out. Thanks for the fun!

Red, White, Blue ... and Orange?

The mere mention of 'wonky' strikes terror in my heart. I'm pretty flexible; I'm ok with changes in plans, or revising approaches that aren't working quite right, but I've never been good with improvisation. I must admit that I couldn't overcome this hang-up so I drafted the star points on paper before executing them.

My husband peeped in on me while I was pulling fabrics and asked about the block I was working on. I mentioned the connection to The Netherlands and that I was planning to work in red, white, and blue since their flag has the same colors as those of us in the United States of America. He suggested that I add some orange in. Stupid me; I just haaaaaaad to ask why. Turns out, the athletes for Holland wear orange . He said that since the Olympics will be starting soon, that I should sneak some orange in to represent the year.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Stash Bee, Hive 6, July block

Last year I made a spool mini quilt for Katy The Littlest Thistle and so I was dead chuffed to see Tracy had chosen a mini spool block as her block for July. Tracy asked that we used either a fussy cut or strings for our "spool thread".

I decided to go with a London theme for my first. I fussy cut some fabric I bought in Oxford's Darn It and Stitch , concentrating on the telephone box. I paired this with some random teal fabrics for the string spool. Next up was a London taxi. This went with some red string fabric, and I included some red selvedge edges for authenticity.

The important lesson I learned here was that not all 5" charms squares are actually 5". A little frustrating to sew my 5" string block and discover it measured 4 7/8". A useful tip Tracy gave us was to make the top and bottom strings deeper for trimming.

My second block was Japanese kokko fabrics. I went through a little phrase of buying these last year. I had intended to foundation piece some books covers for a keep me warm when I'm reading quilt. Another work in process. I hope Tracy doesn't mind, but my string block here is red too. The red just lent itself well with the ladybirds and the geisha girls.

This was a block I really enjoyed making. In fact I hope to make more of these in the future. I really look forward to seeing Tracy's finished quilt and being part of it.

Helen x

July Hive 3 Block for Sarah

Hi Sarah
This was a fun block to do this month.  I started to over-think the color placement and then just decided to randomly pull out strips and I like the result.  Hope you do, too.  Everyone of them has been used in a quilt, bag or sundress.  Already in the mail so you should be receiving it soon.