Friday, December 2, 2016

To late.......

....but she knows the block is on its way.
I don't think it is the best position to be the queen bee from November.
As like others I too was busy with other things than the Stash Bee block.
So sorry Mary Ann, the block went on the mail yesterday.
Here are the pictures.
It is an easy block to make. I used some tools to make it more easy for me.
A little bit of chain sewing.
The trash from cutting the squares the right size.
Loving it when everything goes so smoothly.
Mary Ann hope you like youre block?
Thanks to all the ladies who made this a great event.
It was great to be part of this.
For every one have a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Warm regards from Holland

Angel blocks for Hive 2 September

I was asked to make two angel blocks for Hive 2, and was happy to oblige!  The only problem was finding two colors I had 8 different fabrics in large enough pieces.  My stash took a real hit making blocks for the #quiltsforpulse project, and I am slowly rebuilding.  I had a ton of blue, but it appeared so did everyone else, so I went with orange and yellow:

The center top block on the orange looks yellowy but it is orange in real life. albeit a lighter shade than its neighbors.  

I'll get these in the mail tomorrow!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November Hive 6 Blocks for Karen

Hi all. Here are Karen's November blocks. They went together super fast and I loved the colors she chose. These blocks are already on their way.

This was a fun year.  Thanks all for an awesome hive!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Stephanie's November Blocks

Just under the wire!! Phew!!  Autumn is so beautiful, as the colors of leaves are exposed and nature shows off. I liked sewing these blocks. MQC is tried and true, and all of these stars sparkle. Here you go , Stephanie, and Happy Anniversary! (slightly belated...) This has been a wonderful hive, all of you so generous and talented. Hugs, Jane Holbrook

Hive 4 last block

Can't believe how fast Stash Bee went this year and the final block is done. Forgot to snap a photo of it assembled before wrapping up to post so here's the before shot!

Thank you all in Hive 4 for a great Bee!

Hive 1 block for Cheri

My last bee block of the year! :) Enjoy Cheri! I am interested to see what this looks like when it is done! I am also looking forward to Stash Bee next year! See ya then!

Cheri's Candy Canes

Here you go Cheri!

This actually made a dent in my green scraps which is some sort of a miracle!

Blocks for Erika

Hello Hivemates!

Here are my final blocks for 2016! These were very fun and quick to make. I don't often get a chance to use novelty fabrics, so they are sparse in my stash. But I did come up with these two fabrics with unicorns and giraffes. I hope you like them Erika, and more importantly, your little girl!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! It's been a really great year in this Hive!


P.S. They shipped earlier this week Erika. So they should get to you soon.

Blocks for Erika

Novembers Blocks for Erika

Well it is pretty sad I made these right away and was done by Nov. 6 and even mailed them last week and am just now posting them.  It was fun looking for cute novelty fabric to use and the block was so easy and quick to make.  I also made you an Angel block. Can't wait to see you put together this quilt with all the cute fabrics I have seen posted. Should be a vibrant, fun quilt.

Well I hope everyone has enjoyed Stash Bee this year. I think we have made some great blocks and I hope to use some of them future quilts. Thanks for the inspiration.  Here is looking forward to Stash Bee 2017.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hive 7 November block

Can't wait to see these all assembled!  Fun to pick the fabrics - it should be adorable!