Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hive 6 Union Jack blocks, by Cheryl

Hive 6: Union Jack for Sylvia

I was indeed freaked out about this block and all of this skinny strips, but the tutorial is very good and they were much faster than I anticipated! Our Hive is off to a good start in getting me out of my comfort zone (which is one reason why I joined), so thank you Sylvia.

1. Name:  Cheryl

2. Where you live: San Jose, California

3. Tell us about your family: Myself, hubby, and an almost 11-year old daughter.

4. Tell us about your pets: We have a lot of pets including a lazy coonhound, a 20-year old and very loud black cat, two giant rabbits, and a sometimes class pet/our pet albino leopard gecko. My plan is for chickens this year, too.

5. How long have you been quilting? About 6 years, but I learned to sew in 4H in fourth grade.

6. What crafts do you do other than quilting? I do crafts with my daughter sometimes, usually involving glitter. I like to make bags, especially those by Noodlehead or s.o.t.a.k. handmade. I used to make my daughter clothes on occasion, but she has gotten pickier and I don't like to make clothes unless they involve elastic.

7. Fabric line you want to buy next: I bought Carkai and Blueberry Park (but not all) just before Christmas, so I feel saturated for now. It won't last long, I'm sure. 

8. Preferred quilting method (FMQ, long arm, hand, etc.): I like to "big stitch" hand quilt and am trying to make myself practice something besides the meandering stipple in FMQ.

9. Where we can find you on social media: Instagram: @1strongcheryl, (but I really have no idea how to use this yet), Flickr: cstrongla. I am a lazy social media-er.

10. Favorite book: I listen to a lot of books while sitting in Bay Area traffic. I am currently listening to 
Hollow City (Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children #2). I recently read Gone Girl, which was awful and I couldn't put it down.

11. Favorite show to binge watch: We don't have a TV, but watch movies. When I am home sewing alone I binge watch Dr. Who or the X-Files (on netflix).
This is me looking grumpy in Yellowstone.


Karen said...

Nice blocks, and you even had some science fabric! I hope you enjoy having chickens. I grew up with chickens. They are so funny!

helenjean@midgetgemquilts said...

I just read the first miss peregrine novel, not my usual type but I really enjoyed it. Must get my union jack blocks made