Sunday, September 24, 2017

September Block for Pam

Here's my block for Pam.

This block was a lot of fun to make.  I was especially happy Pam let us choose our colors.  I'm a green-blue-purple person and my stash shows it.  I've discovered most quilters prefer warmer colors, so I hope my block will fit in Pam's quilt.  

In yesterday's mail.


Pam's September Block!

Pam -
This was a lot of fun to pull together in the end.  Let's just say that my seam ripper and I became reacquainted during the construction of this block....  the colors in this block are a little softer than they appear in the picture. I really do like the block, and have some fabric that would be perfect for making more of these!
Thanks!  This one will be in the mail on Monday!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

A very late Hive 4 August block

This was a challenging but fun block to make. Not sure I hit the colour brief, and the picture certainly doesn't do it any justice, but I hope it fits the bill, Kathrin.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Hive 6 Tulips for Debbie

This was a cute little block to sew.  I will be mailing it tomorrow along with all the cut offs.  Enjoy Debbie.

Hive 6 Block for Debbie

Hi Debbie,

Thank you for picking such a fun block!  It was fun watching it grow.  I cut everything out last night and spent a very pleasant evening sewing it tonight.  It looks so good up on my design wall with my other blocks I don't want to send it to you!  But of course, I will.  (grin)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hive 5 - September

My apologies, I finished these earlier in month. I will mail them on Saturday.

Hive 4 finish

Here's my first finish from this year's hive.  Hopefully, project #2 will be completed soon. Thanks ladies, it's been great.          

Hive 7 September

This was interesting-I can't wait to see what Cathleen does 
with these film strips we are helping her make!  Hope this helps!


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hive 4- Scrappy Improv Blocks

I've already mailed these to Amanda but never did post here! I had fun making these scrappy improv blocks. I have so many scraps and honestly, this didn't even make a dent in them! I love your quilt design idea and cannot wait to see it! Hope these are what you were looking for! 

August Blocks for Hive 4

Katrin requested this paper pieced block for her August block. The first one I made was a wee bit wonky so I made another. I'm sending both, in case you still want to use it! Fun and pretty simple paper pieced project!! I cannot wait to see your finished quilt!

Hive 2 September Bear Paws for Jacqueline

Sewed these blocks up for Jacqueline last night.  All done and in the mail.  Hope you like them.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Queen Bee Pam,

I hope you didn't sustain too much damage during the rath of Irma.

I hope you like my version of your block.  I'm going to use your design to make my grandson's quilt but it'll be in red, black and a touch of white/gray, his choice.

Be safe!

Hive 7 September 2017

I am so excited to see what you do with this. I had a very difficult time finding black in my stash.

Enjoy.  Lauren

Monday, September 18, 2017

Hive 4 for September...

I made 2 improve blocks for Amanda for the month of September. Improv is hard for me. I like structure. :) I probably overthunk (it's a word) these blocks.

Crashing Hive 8--Strippy Blocks for Michelle

I like making string blocks, and Michelle's variation was fun to do.  This will be a super scrappy quilt, and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.

Spring Tulips for Debbie

I made this block for Debbie and she has already received it.  Even better, she likes it! :)
I really struggled to find tone-on-tone fabrics in my stash, which was surprising to me.  And, I was in such a hurry to make and mail this block because I was leaving on loooong trip, not to be home in time to wait until the end of the month. No time to shop. In the photo, the background pale blue reads as white - it is not.
For the colors, I had to go deep into my stash and that's when I learned I don't often buy tone-on-tone fabrics with any color to them. Tan, beige, almond, white-plenty! But, when I wondered about this hole in my stash I realized I am drawn to prints. Surprise? Many thanks to Debbie, because now I have a real plan when fabric shopping. Still buy that wonderful fat quarter print and a tone-on-tone in a complementary color.

Debbie, I hope your project is beautifully successful!

Blocks for Cathleen - Hive 7

These film strips were fun to make. Looking forward to the finished quilt.

Block for Debby (Hive 6)

Debbie's Block sure was a challenge for me! But, I got it done and it will be on it's way to her later today...

Debbie's Block war sicher eine Herausforderung für mich! Aber jetzt is wer fertig und geht heute noch auf die Post ...

And here is my block:

Und hier ist er:


September block for Alicia

Alicia designed this tile pattern block herself! It was a great tutorial and should make an excellent quilt!


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Improvisational Puzzles for Amanda

My Turtle Block for Katrin--Finally!

   I am very intimidated with paper piecing but the linked tutorial was terrific.  I can't say I didn't rip out a few seams because I did, but, unfortunately, I started to get my groove when my afternoon was up.  I am pleased with my finish, despite being a smidge off with the yellow seam.  Very happy to contribute to what most certainly will be a stunningly beautiful quilt and a custom design to boot!  Hope your holiday was enjoyable.

Hive 7 September Film.Strip

Little late in making but got it done this morning and will be in the mail by tuesday. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Hive 7: September 2017

Cathleen created this super cool block that's going to look like a filmstrip!

I has enough Kona in my stash to do two blocks up for her:

I am really looking forward to seeing this one all put together!  This is going to be an amazing quilt!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Hive 1 Aug block for Sue

Late Aug block for Sue.  So sorry this is late.  I stitched up your pretty block on Sept 4, but it took until today for me to get it to the post office.  Hope you like it.  Diane in Wisconsin.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Bear Paws for Jacqui

I don't "do" brown in my stash, but was able to dig up plenty of the other requested colors.  The final quilt should be really beautiful.  I hope these all work for you!


Monday, September 11, 2017

Hive 4 blocks for Amanda - Scrap Therapy

Amanda, normally I am not a wonky/improv/crazy piecing kind of person, but something about making these blocks was extremely relaxing this weekend! I made you four blocks to help cover for angel blocks this month.

I trimmed my blocks to 9 inches and hopefully the piecing isn't too small! I pulled all of my piecing from my "bag of shame" where I keep all my bits and strings and hardly made a dent in it, despite the best of intentions. I can't wait to see your quilt!

Hive 2 September Bear Paws

Jacqueline asked for bear paw quadrants.  These are so quick and long as you pay attention to the direction of your HSTs....which is NOT what I did yesterday sewing at a retreat. I may or may not have picked a few seams while chatting...more than once!  😉 This one is on my to do list for sure.  Great choice, Jackie! I'll get these in the mail today.

Happy Monday, everyone!
~ Cheryl

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Bear's Paws for Jacqueline

Catching up on my sewing projects this Sunday after a busy day of college football. These were quick and fun to sew up.

I hope to get them in the mail tomorrow.


Hive 5 September Blocks for Anna

Here are the two blocks I made for this month.

Still need to get these out in the mail to New Zealand!

September blocks for Jacqueline

Bear Paws!

I've been seeing lots of quilts lately using these blocks: big paws, little paws, even some curvy paws!  I guess it must be the season.  I have learned to love making HSTs over the past year, and thoroughly enjoyed making these for you.  Looking forward to seeing the final product!

(I hope you don't mind the giant pink posy.  I thought it was a bit of fun.)


Anna's Block

I'm feeling pressured since Irma is on her way. I'm trying to get some sewing done in case we lose electricity. I made Anna two blocks this morning. One block is turquoise since that's my favorite color. The other block is made with Amy Butler fabric that is one of my absolute favs. I'm also sending some extra fabric in case she wants to make matching X blocks. I used Friedlander for the low volume. Super easy to make but love the big impact! Probably won't be able to mail these until Wednesday or Thursday.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Hive 1 Block for Alicia September 2017

Alicia, I hope you enjoy your block as much as I did making it for you! Love the tile as your inspiration! You will have a wonderful quilt!
Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Block for Debbie - September - Hive #6

I love this block.  I sure hope I did what you were looking for... let me know if I did not.  I wasn't sure what scraps you wanted so I'm sending all :)

Mary Ann

Scrap busting for Amanda

Hello quilting friends,

Can you believe it's September? Where did summer go? 

When Amanda asked for these scrap buster blocks, I had mixed feelings.  On one hand, I love using all size scraps. On the other hand, impromptu style sewing is really out of my comfort zone.  I found my stash to be a bit light on some colors, so I decided to make pieced "slabs".  I figured they can be cut down and incorporated with others, if need be. I made several, here is an example of two of them

Amanda, I hope these work into your plan.

Happy fall,

August block for Kristi, Hive 5

Catching up. Apologies for posting this soo late.
Here's my version of Kristi's wonky star.


Monday, September 4, 2017

August Block for Hive 5

No idea why I kept forgetting to post these blocks.  I made them the day the queen posted.  They were quick and easy, and I didn't even mind the wonkiness!


Hive 5 july and August blocks

Cathcing up on posting....

technical difficulties prevented me from posting my July and August blocks - but I appear to have conquered it!  

they were fun to make and hopefully have been recieved by now!

Crashing with Scraps for Amanda in Hive 4

When I saw Amanda's September block, I knew I wanted to make it.  I love scrappy improv piecing, where every block is a surprise. When I was finished playing with scraps today I had enough for three blocks.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this scrappy quilt comes together.

Hive 3 block for Pam

Fun Bear Paws variation and she's calling it Pam's Block.  She let us pick colors and I picked some that I had out at the time, and some I've been wanting to include.  Our first block this year was a Bear's Paw and I would like to think I'm getting better.

Falling for Anna's Hive 5 block

Anna -

This pattern was easy peasy!  And I love the result.  I haven't done many blocks on point like this, and really loved the "surprise" of it turning out the way it did.

These are two of my favorite fabrics - the blue I purchased a while ago, and keep looking at it in my stash thinking, "I want to save it for something special."  The orange just makes me happy.

Looking forward to seeing the finished product!!

September blocks for Jacqueline

Hi Jacqueline,

I have your September blocks. I am thrilled to have them done already.  Loved the colors and I hope you like what I picked out.  I had more fun making four different ones than four of the same. Super easy and a quick block to make.  

Well now I can sit back and wait for October's block.


Sunday, September 3, 2017

September Blocks for Michelle - Hive 8

Here are my blocks for Michelle....three different palettes to choose from...but that was the tough part.  This was a fun and easy block.

This should be a fun quilt.  Enjoy!

September Tulips for Debbie

Queen Debbie asked for bright tulips blocks.  Most of the time I was working on these, I could hear the rain outside my window so it was easy to believe it was spring and there were tulips blooming.

Debbie, I hope you like them!  I have all the cut-off triangles and the extra HSTs in a baggie for you as well and will sent them along.

Emily, Hive 6

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hive 8 September blocks for Michelle

As I have a very busy month ahead I thought it best to make 
the blocks for Michelle right away :-)
These two string blocks are so simple to make but the endresult is great!

Hive 4 - September Block

Dear Queen Amanda,

Having taken a sneaky peek at your scheduled post, I took the liberty to whiz up your block ahead of time. I hope it suits. If not, just cut it up and rearrange it to your liking. I sent another spare piece as well. The pieces are already in the mail to you. I think your design idea for the quilt is a very creative one and I am looking forward to seeing how it will pan out.

All the best

The August Queen AD