Friday, March 1, 2024

HIve 2 - March Tutorial - Quarter Square of Log Cabin Variation for Gayle

For this month, I am requesting a super easy block. It is one quarter of a variation of a log cabin. I have seen this made as a full block and then divided in half and half again. I want the block slightly larger so you will just make a quarter of a block. I made my own dimensions for the surrounding strips. Strips are either 1  3/4 inches or 3 inches wide. (Hope you don't mind the 1/4 and 3/4 inch measurements.)

You will need 5 different fabrics. I like scrappy, so pretty much anything goes. I am okay with most prints and fabrics. I am happy with florals, dots, textures, geometrics, batiks, and solids, etc. I am even okay with some small novelty prints, as long as they are not too juvenile (for example no teddy bears or Disney).  I just don't want seasonal/holiday, anything too dull, super large prints, browns or blacks. I do want a contrast between each set of surrounding strips, so try not to put two super busy prints next to each other. Also for the contrast, go with different values. So either start with a lighter or darker fabric for the square and then alternate the rounds. Medium values are fine as long as they contrast. See my finished examples below.

Cutting Instructions, cut one of each:

  • Starting square 1 - 4  1/2 inches
  • Round 2 - 1  3/4 by 4  1/2 and 1  3/4 by 5  3/4 inches
  • Round 3 - 3 by 5  3/4 and 3 by 8  1/4 inches
  • Round 4 - 1  3/4 by 8  1/4 and 1  3/4 by 9 1/2
  • Round 5 - 3 by 9  1/2 and 3 by 12 inches

 Start with the square, sew the Round 2 shorter strip to the top. Press and then sew longer strip to the right side. Unit should measure 5  3/4 inch square.

 Repeat for Round 3, using the 3 inch wide strips, again adding the shorter strip to top and longer to right. Unit should measure 8  1/4 inch square. Repeat the same for Round 4, (will be 9  1/2 square) and Round 5. Block should now measure 12 inches square and will be 11  1/2 finished when sewn into the quilt top.

Here are 4 that I have completed. So have fun and happy to see your blocks.

Note: This block is inspired by a free tutorial of Modified Bento Box by Film In The Fridge.

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