Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Hive 1 Block for T

Diane G here with my Hive 1 block for T.  A simple star, but a classic favorite of mine.  You asked for designer information.  To the best of my knowledge this block is in the public domain.  I made one over ten years ago at a Beginning Quilting class.  The instructor was Kathy Doman and her handouts were always handwritten on graph paper with little drawings for the block construction.   She would sign them "Kathy" and include her phone number for questions.  I found this little bio on Etsy:    The Quilt Factory, located in Wisconsin, was established in 1980 and is owned and operated by Kathy Doman. Kathy enjoys sharing her quilt "know how" with over 130 students every week. In addition to teaching, Kathy enjoys creating unique patterns and quilts that she shares with her customers.   Seriously, Kathy has to be the queen of Sit & Sew groups because she hosts them morning, noon and evenings throughout the week.

Enjoy !!

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T said...

Thank you , Diane, for your beautiful star and it's history! I love how the colors dance together and can't wait to see it shining in The Firmament!!!! I'm truly grateful!