Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Tutorial for Hive 1

Hello, Hive 1 Members!

Judging by our work thus far, I'm seeing so much pattern & color, willingness to try new things, and really beautiful blocks! This month I'd like to give you an opportunity to choose your block(s) within certain parameters. So here's what I imagine for my reign as your April Queen:

My name is T. As long as I can remember, I have always been in awe of the Night Sky, The Milky Way, Constellations of the Northern & Southern Hemispheres, its Planets, etc. Perhaps this interest stems from the fact that my birthday coincides with the annual Perseid Meteor Shower…

So, I'd like to make a quilt of brilliant shining stars, each different & unique.  I envision a cobalt to a darker blue, textured or solid, as your background and luminous stars of a color palette that shines and sparkles. I'd like to see Stars that are as brilliantly complex or as dazzlingly simple as you wish. Paper pieced, classic or wonky, please make me a shining star that I will know you by!

Fabrics might include those that shimmer, geometrics, prints, solids, brights & low volumes in oranges, golds, and blues, with a bit of aqua & red for sparkle!  Having worked briefly in Indonesia I am a fan of quality batik colors & patterns. Here's my palette:

Cath Hall of Wombat Quilts has given us permission to use her free tutorials & patterns
for wonky, patchwork or paper pieced star blocks. Her blog can be found here.  Here is a direct link to her Rocking My Wonky World star tutorial.

Her Starry Night quilt in blue really captures my fabric palette.

So please pull a variety of blues, yellows, golds, oranges, and reds, etc. to create a vibrant, bright star!

You may enjoy searching the internet or library for your star block, or you may be pressed for time and want to check out a few ready sources.  Carol Doak's book, 50 Paper Pieced Stars is for you adventurers. The following sources are for those who may not wish to paper piece this month. Have fun and celebrate your star!

Online see:

Amy Smart provides a step by step tutorial on her Sawtooth Star quilt block here.

The Missouri Star Quilt Company has a video tutorial of their Wonky Star as well.

Lee Heinrich's Ribbon Star tutorial at her blog Freshly Pieced.

Or see Lee's Supernova Star tutorial. My Supernova block is pictured below. While the palette is different than the oranges and golds we are using, the navy & gold batik background gives you a start!

Supernova, pattern by Lee Heinrich of

Please include the source & designer of your star on your label, that will accompany your block(s).

Thank you in advance for your efforts on my behalf.  I am honored to receive your unique & wonderful blocks this month!


Julia said...

Star blocks are my favorite. This should be fun

T said...

Great!! I'm so glad that you will enjoy this! Thank you so much!

Bethany said...

I want a quilt just like this as well. (Or I suppose similar since I think and exact replica would be pretty hard to pull off.) If I have free time this month I'll be crashing. I cannot wait to see what you get! It's going to be so lovely! (I almost asked for the exact same thing for my month as queen but changed my mind. I still hope to do one of these in the future!)

T said...

Hi Bethany,
Feel free to crash! I'm glad you enjoy the quilt!!!!
Thank you so much!

T said...

Thank you, Hive 1 members!!! You totally rock!! Your star blocks will be appreciated by my family in The Firmament Quilt for many years! I truly appreciate each one of you & your generosity!!!
It's been a great reign! I turn it over to our May Queen!