Friday, September 26, 2014

Stash Bee FYI: Let's have fun!

With sign-ups opening on October 9th, I thought it would be worthwhile to explain some of the aspects of the Stash Bee to those who have not participated previously but are interested in signing up for 2015. These posts will all be linked on our Rules and FAQ pages. If you have questions, please leave them as comments on any of this week's posts and I will do a question round-up post next week. -- Alison

Participating in any sort of bee should not be a drudgery! It should be an enjoyable process making blocks for others, getting to know a wider circle of quilters, and expanding our skill sets! This post is about keeping the process fun and everyone involved.

While it may seem strange, it seems as if participants who generally stay up to date with making their blocks have a much better experience than those who frequently wait to the last minute or fall behind on their blocks. Remember: the Stash Bee is an eleven month commitment! If you have questions about the time commitment, etc. please feel free to contact me (Alison -- before you sign up!

While we all already know that the quilting community is great, the Stash Bee is another great way to get to know other quilters and quilt bloggers. Communicate with your hives on a regular basis! Chat about more than just the blocks you're making. Post discussion threads in the Flickr group. See if other members of your guilds are participating! Make the effort to acknowledge life events in your hive-mates lives! Follow each other's blogs, instagrams, etc.!

To help facilitate us getting to know each other better, each month on the 25th, I will post a link-up for all Stash Bee participants to post what they are working on OTHER than their bee blocks! This is something brand new that I've decided to try in 2015 and I hope that it is a fun way for us to share with one another.

In the first round of the Stash Bee, there were often giveaways for those who had completed their blocks on time for a given month. I'd like to bring this practice back to reward those who make their blocks on time and/or make angel blocks for their hivemates. To do this, I am in need of sponsors. If you own a small quilting-related business (fabric shop, pattern shop, etc.) please let me know if you would be interested in donating anything as a giveaway item! Contact me at I'd prefer to promote the businesses of Stash Bee participants than to ask the typical quilt contest sponsors -- I know tons of people have small shops so I am hoping I get a lot of responses!

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