Frequently Asked Questions

Hives are closed for 2016. Sign ups for 2017 will open in November 2016.

Listed below are links to blog posts addressing questions frequently asked by people interested in joining Stash Bee. Please click the link to be taken to a blog post answering each topic. This is a growing list and will be updated as questions are answered.

Participant Roles and Expectations (2015)
Block style and quality expectations (2015)
Fabric style and quality expectations (2015)
Choosing a block and writing a tutorial (2015)
Choosing a block and copyright infringement (2015)
How to create Stash Bee posts in Blogger (2015)
Stash Bee 101 (2016)

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Jane Holbrook said...

If I gate crash another hive, how do I find their mailing address to send them the blocks I've made?

SewLiab said...

Jane, you can click the name of the specific month's bee and that let's you send an email from there. Just tell them you made them a block and would love to send it :)

Hope that helped,