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Hive #10 - June Block Tutorial

I can't believe it's already June! Where is 2014 disappearing too!!!

So you want to know more about me? Here is the interview!

What is your name?
Shari Butler and I blog over at I also design fabric for Riley Blake Designs, my designer name is Doohikey Designs.

Where do you live?
I live in Layton, UT. It's about 25 minutes away from downtown Salt Lake City. I love where I live and the community of Utah is very welcoming.

Tell us about your family.
I live with my husband, Dan Butler and two dogs Reese's and Benji. Reese's is a yorkie and Benji is our cocker spaniel. We are still working on the kid's part, so hoping for good baby dust our way is appreciated. I have a brother that lives about a mile and a half away. My other brother lives in Preston, ID as my parents and one sister in Idaho Falls. I come from a family of four and Dan comes from a family of nine. We are both the youngest and we love to get crafty in our home lately with a ton of home improvements going on.

Tell us about how you got interested in quilting.
I started to quilt when Dan and I first got married and I made a tree skirt with a help of a friend. I fell in love with the idea of fabric and soon I started to design fabric for Riley Blake Designs. I love that someone can make heirlooms for their family, don't you? I just love color, design and quilting just made sense to me!

How do you organize your fabric stash?
Well, right now I am still organizing my fabric but I have been placing them on comic board books and some of the small fabric I have been stripping out to make stash busters. Still working on that part so no pics yet!


Who is/are your favorite fabric designers?
I'm not biased at all, but in the fabric bellows I have represented Camille Roskelley, Tasha Noel, Lori Holt and Sandi Henderson. I love all fabric designers, I am one you know! ;0) I do have to say though I am not into batiks. 

What is one thing you have learned that you wish you knew when you first started quilting?
That imperfections are still perfections. Not everything can be perfect, but you try and try again to match points and by always taking tips from anyone and everyone. Don't be afraid to ask questions, or making mistakes. That's how we learn in baby steps. Also, enjoy it and don't get mad at the seam ripper, it is your friend you know!

What is your favorite sewing/quilting tool and why should we all go out and buy it?
Oh gosh there are lots, but I have to say I love my seam ripper/Stilleto that my sister made me! Her etsy shop is Round the Woods. But seriously there are a ton of tools I love, I might just have to blog that sometime.

Who is your favorite fictional character and why? There are lots to choose from, but I have to pick Snow White from Once Upon a Time. I just love the purity and strength she portrays in that fairy tale of a show. She's imperfect yet perfect in so many ways. She's real, funny and down to earth. I just get characters like that and I love how she acts and portrays her character. Besides it's a freaking awesome show that you must all watch! Catch up before next season, you won't regret it!

On to the tutorial!

Hi Everyone! I have chosen the tutorial from Fresh Lemon Quilts Solstice Stars. If you want to skip to her tutorial.... then by all means do! She's good! I decided I wanted to go with more of a fourth of july colors. Something that is fresh and fun for the summer. Here is a sample of the fabric I pulled.

The background is going to be white. I used clean white by Riley Blake Designs. I just want the white to be bright and clean... no cream.  Anything in your fabric stash that matches these fabrics will be good for the star block. 

Ribbon Star Quilt Block Tutorial by Fresh Lemon Quilts

Please note, all seams are 1/4″; Final block size 12.5″ unfinished

You will want to start by cutting your blocks. 
Step 1. Cut your fabric:
Pattern PieceFabric Color
Background CornersCut 43.5” x 3.5”White
Background Half Square TrianglesCut 64” x 4”White
Follow My Image for PlacementCut 24” x 4”Navy
Follow My Image for PlacementCut 24” x 4”Navy/Multi
Follow My Image for PlacementCut 24” x 4”Red with Pink
Follow My Image for PlacementCut 24” x 4”Red

Take all your 4" x 4"'s and cut into half triangles. You will only need 3 colored triangles for the star. Set the other's aside for scrap use.

Sew each of the colored triangles to the white triangles for a total of 12 half square triangles. Press to the colored side. No open seams please.

Trim squares to 3.5" by using a small ruler. 
Tip from Fresh Lemon: I like to use a small quilting ruler with a diagonal line, and line that up with the seam. I then trim the top and right of the block. Turn the block 180 degrees and line up the seam again. Trim the remaining sides of the square to 3.5″.

Layout your blocks by using this picture. I always keep a picture on my cellphone so I can reference back to how the block will be sewn together at the end.
I tried to photoshop to show you the correct diagram.

This is wrong. Please follow the fresh lemon quilts diagram. I missed turned my lower block with navy flowers. :(

See how the green block is turned correctly. I didn't realize I had my lower navy block turned the wrong way. 

Now I started to chain sew each block and making sure I pin at the intersections.

Press to one side. Now you are going to sew the top row and bottom row together. Press to one side. Then you will sew the top and bottom together making sure you pin and match into each points.

I might redo this block later this week and show another version. I noticed on Fresh Lemon Quilts had perfect points... so hopefully you can go to her blog, take a look at her tutorial and see how the block is suppose to be in it's perfection. If you have any questions let me know! Or suggestions on my points, much appreciated!

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