Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hive 1 - February Round Up

Hey ladies!!

I've rounded up all the pictures from Flickr of the super pink and dainty blocks for Gwen! Check them out:

1. Stash bee February, 2. For Stash Bee February Block!, 3. February Block for Gwen!, 4. February Stash Bee Blocks, 5. Bonus block for Feb Stash Bee Hive 1, 6. Feb Stash Bee Block Hive 1, 7. Feb Block Stash Bee Hive #1, 8. Hive One February Block Tutorial

Aren't they looking shnazzy??? The blank spot is because someone has opted out of Big Huge Labs, the site I used to make the mosaic?? I'm not sure how one opts out of it or opts in, but that's what the blank spot is. You can click the link to be taken to the picture on Flickr.

Thanks for all the hard work ladies!



Anna said...

It actually a problem with the way they've set their privacy/sharing options in Flickr.

AmandaK@whatthebobbin said...

Looks great!